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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another thing I hate

So I was in MOncton on Friday. My best friend had to work, so I did have to think about something to do during the day. I said to myself, well, I'm in Moncton, I should go shop! Little did I forget that we were Good Friday, and the stores were close. There was a reason why I could go down there during the week. Only thing that was open was the Chapters! And you all know it is dangerous for me to go there! Why didn't I go home? Well I had a date.
So around 3, I was tired of wondering around(I already did go eat diner with a friend) so I decide to call the guy I had a date with.
You all know that I do picture people from their personnallity and imagine the voice too. Well this guy is a mix Acadian and Phillipino. I've seen his pic before, so that I didn't have to imagine. But I did picture him having one of those hyper voice (he is like 5 foot 7-9 and big fan of snowboard and surfing). When he did answer, I was like "insert his name?" He does have a really low voice. We talk about where and when we would go see the movie, and decide to go grab a drink before. And he did mention having to go see his daughter(which he never mention during the month we have talk online). So I go back to my friend's place ( I wasn't suppose to, but I had to wait).
So me and my friend talk...Her dog doesn't like me at all(pets do alway like me! I don't understand) 7:30 pass, he haven't calll... I leave at 9, to go to the parking of the theater, still no answer from him. I WAS PISS! I did stay that late to see him, and he didn't even border to show up. And he was the one telling me that he did really want to see me.
He talk to me on-line last night. Saying how sorry he was. He had to watch over his daughter longer than he expected. He said he was gonna make it up to me by coming down here...
Will see if he keeps up his words, this time... And when!



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