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Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm still here!

yes, I'm still alive. Been superbusy, a lot happening into my life.
I'Ve start college. A hectic week of studing, since we had an exam today(which end up to be actually a super easy one, I hope I got it almost all right). It's kind of hard going back to school after 4 years. It was a very stressfull week for me. I hope it would go better next week. But no more studying this weekend. My brain needs a break. A big one! Gonna get a little bit of sun in, I hope.
I'm moved into the appartment. I've been for about 2 weeks and half now. I'm alone at the moment, which is nice. I can live in my usual chaos with no one to worry about. But I would get a roomate in september. Her stuff is already here.
I'm trying to date, I've flirt with guys, but I don't seem to have any luck actually getting to meet them. So I'm still single.

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