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Saturday, July 01, 2006

It doesn't take much to amuse a kid
On saturday night, at was at my sister's house, and some of my little cousins were there. They found a ping pong ball somewhere. As for the half hour, or the whole hour, to come, we play trick on them, trying to hide the ball, and make them search for it. They were moving, they were laughing, as well as us, they were making the logic and observation skill work. It was a great thing to do for them. They were interacting with each other, and with the adults.
That make me wonder why do parents buy so expensive toys to them, when a 50 cents ball could do the work as well??
Les enfants n'ont pas besoin de grand chose pour s'amuser
Ce samedi soi, j'étais à la maison de ma soeur, et quelques-uns de mes petits cousins y étaient. Ils ont trouvé une balle de ping pong. Pour comme une demie heure, ou une pleine heure, à venir, on les a fait joué, en leur fesant croire de cacher la balle, en leur jouant des tours, en cachant la balle, et en les fesant chercher. Ils bougeaient, riaient, tout comme nous, les adultes, les enfants fesaient fonctionner leur logique ainsi que leur sens de l'observation. C'était une bonne chose pour eux à faire. Ils intérageaient avec l'un et l'autre, et avec les adultes. Ca me fait penser, pourquoi est-ce que les parents achètent des jouets si dispendieux, lorsqu'une balle de 50 cents pourrait faire la même chose??


Blogger Shroom-Monkey said...

Same thing with kids and Christmas- they rather play with the boxes and paper. It is we as adults who have over complicated things and expect extreme entertainment value. Kids just see it at face value. We could learn a thing or two from kids.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

i know, they have such a great vision of life! Sometimes I wonder really bad why we were in such a hury to become adults.

3:37 AM  

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