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Friday, November 16, 2007

The taste of blood

I surely do hate having the taste of blood in my mouth... And I did ave my share of hit this week!! Like some of youknow, I had an appointement to the dentist this wednesday! I knew I was having a tooth remove. It end up to be myright upper wisdom tooth... And two filling... SO the filling went well, when it was time to retreive the tooth, the dentist(yup, the one that still wink like 5 time to me at each appointment!!) was having a hard time eaching it... I was feeling like he was trying to twist himself in each possible way to reach it!! It is finaly out, and the hygenist put the little gaze in my mouth and say to wait 5 minutes. After 15, it is still bleeding!! The dentist have to come back and do stiches!! I didn't knew that the first stiches I would get would be because I got a tooth remove at 25!!
Today is two full days after, and I still have a taste of blood from time to time in my mouth!!
And I think I might be tougher than most people!! The dentist prescrive me some Tylenol 3. I went to get them, and he prescrive me 20. Do some people really get through 20 pills just for a tooth ache?? I took one wednesday night to go to sleep and yesterday night. It still hurts a little bit today, but it is more of an inconfort than real pain!!



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