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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My knee hurts again!!! :@
Since I've been in high school, I've been having problem with my right knee. Probably all the falling on my knees in handball. Doctor say there is nothing, but... But friends could here it crack sometimes.
Anyhow, I'm trying to keep myself active because, when i stop, usualy i start having problem with it. I've been the most active I have been since hich school, i think(starting to have somekind of muscle definition against my rib cage!!:D)! This week, i've restarted taking walk, cuz I do have access to sidewalk. But yesterday, i was trying to go upstair(staying at friends for the week) and I wish it was escalator. I could hardly go upstair. My knee was stift and hurt baldy. But as stuborn that I am, I will still keep on taking walk and doing karaté. I haven't felt that good in a while! Enough for today! Seems like the sky gonna clear up, gonna go take a walk.
Mon genou a recommencé à me faire mal!!!:@
Depuis l'école secondaire, j'ai commencé à avoir des problèmes avec mon genou droit. Probablement dû aux nombreuses fois où je suis tombée sur mes genoux au handball. Mais le doctors dit qu'il n'y a rien là...Mais mes amis pouvaient l'attendre craquer des fois .
En tout cas, depuis ce temps, j'essaies d'être active, car, lorsque j'arrête de l'être, c'est là que les problèmes commencent à apparaître. Maintenant, je suis plus active que je l'ai été depuis l'école secondaire(je commence même a voir la définition des muscles le long de mes côtes!!:D)! Cette semaine, j'ai recommencé à marcher, car j'ai accès à des trotoirs. Mais hier, j'essayais de monter les escaliers(je suis chez des amis pour la semaine) et j'aurais souhaité qu'ils aient un escalator. Je pouvais difficilement monter les escaliers. Mon genou était raide et me fesait mal. Mais têtue comme je suis, je vais essayer de continuer de marcher et de faire du karaté. Je n'ai pas été aussi en forme comme ça depuis un bout. Assez pour aujourd'hui! Il semble que le ciel va s'éclaicir, je vais aller prendre un marche.


Blogger SpeakEasy said...

Whew, been there, done that. Had knee problems from the age of 13 until I was in my early 20's. Doctor's told me there was nothing there, until some really old specialist guy (the 10th doctor I went to) told me the reason for the problems was that I was fat and out of shape and needed some muscle to hold the knee in place. Lost some weight and did lots of cycling and walking and have had very few problems over the years since. Stairs are bad. Take them slowly until you are ready to go. Good luck with it.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Tanx for the advice! I'm trying to keep myself in shape lately, but I would do it even more now.

4:02 AM  

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