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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tokio hotel - Monsoon

Ok, I just realise that the main singer is actually a woman! I think, anyway! But if it is really one, she has a really low voice! I need to check! Or is it a man?(I just have look to another video!)
What I hate is that it is the original german video with the english lyrics! Big case of lips moving and no lyrics!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill (the lead singer) is a man. The music video is the english version. And they are the best band ever. IDIOT

8:32 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

And you, beside laking respect, cannot leave your nick on here?
And it is still the original german version with the english lyrics!

6:12 PM  
Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Wow. Very '80s. I keep waiting for it to rock, but so far it hasn't. Does it?

4:49 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

I rarely listen to rock on youtube, Susan! Rock doesn't fit my emotion statement usualy, and that is what I would post here!

12:25 PM  

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