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Monday, May 12, 2008

One of those thought poping into my heead!

I have talk to some about the fact that I have sometime some random thing that poped into my mind...It is kind of something like the pop-up of Ally McBeal. Well, here is one...
So I'm driving back home in my car, last week, with the music on, as usaul when I'm alone...Then this idea come into my mind out of the blue:"Wouldn't it would be cool to do some strip sparring?"
For the one not familiar with the term sparring, it is the fighting(controlled) that we have in martial art.
Don't get me wrong, I have the most respect for my sport! I think it is the one I respect more, and I did pratice many through out my life... But when you have a tall guy in front of you, with large shoulders and that has a good smile(which I'm a sucker for), I just can't help it to have those kind of tought come into my mind, even if I'm trying to only thing about my moves!
It was him that I had in mind when that thought came into my mind! And wouldn't mind doing it with a couple of other men that were or are into my club...
Some of you are in to be my ginea pig?


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