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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm almost done my first semester! It has been a crazy two months! A lot of studying, a lot of information and some interesting, but other are boring classes! Well, since I'm writing to you while in class, you have guess it, at this moment it's a boring class!
I have actually two weeks with no evaluation! But I don'T want to do the two examns'weeks! That is gonna be hectic! I might go crazy during those two weeks! But trust me! I'm gonna get drunk on that last Friday!
Just to let you know, I'm still alive, but super busy! I have only write a couple of entries for the Monday Poetry Train, even if I have many in bank, just didn't have time to put them in both language!
I'm missing all of you guys, but I just want to do well on this, so many studying hours...

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Blogger Julia Smith said...

Just checking in, seeing how you're doing. Have you had your 'I'm gonna get drunk on that last Friday!' celebration yet?

8:51 AM  

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