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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Should I?/ Devrais- je?

Lately, I've been thinking about maybe doing another blog, but I'm not sure if I want to invest myself in that kind of projet! I know that a blog demand a lot of energy, but I still hesitate on the fact of doing it or not. I would like to put on a blog with a more cultural side, where I would put on the show I've seen and the place I've visited. Maybe the alternative would be to have others bloggers join me to put up that blog, and share the totality of our cultural experience...?
So this time, I really need your suggestions, or if the idea attracts you, post your canditature like a co-editor... I will do even more effort to answer to your comments!!


DErnièrement, je pense que je vais peut-être faire un autre blog, mais je ne suis pas certaine que je veux m'impliquer dans ce genre de projet! Je sais qu'un blog demande beaucoup d'énergie, mais j'hésite encore sur le fait que si je le fais ou non. Je voudrais mettre sur pied un blog ayant une conotation plus culturelle, ou j'y metterai les spectacles que j'ai vus et les endroits que j'ai visités. Peut-être que l'alternative serait de m'allier avec d'autres blogueurs pour mettre sur pied ce blog, et pouvoir alors faire valoir l'ensemble de nos expériences culturelles...?
Donc, ici, j'ai vraiment besoin de vos suggestions, ou si l'idée vous plait, poser votre canditature comme co-éditeur ... Je ferai encore plus d'effort pour répondre à vos commentaires!!


Blogger 100 AÇÇunTTo said...

hi there!

well i can tel you only my experience. I first made one blog in portuguese (with some rithm and my text and thoughts) and after i wanted to do something else where i could talk about my passion and having some conversation about it: AIkido. With time i realized i wanted much more to refresh the new one and the first one began to die little by little.. it depends of how much time you have to do it... i hadn't much. I think that's the main reason...

Hugs and good luck with the settle of the choice ;)


4:44 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

Thanks for sharing your experience of doing a second blog!! If I put it up, I think it would probably be a sidekick blog, this would still be my main!!

5:48 AM  
Blogger Haley-O said...

Sounds like a really good idea. But, it's a lot of work -- lots of time. Maybe you could start by adding the idea to this blog -- as a weekly feature, or something? Like "Culture Friday" or something (better than that!).

12:55 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

That's a good idea, thanx a lot Haley!! I'm still not kite sure, cuz some would be like 10 years old event!!

1:18 PM  

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