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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bye bye Diana!!

So, tonight, it was America Next Top Model...And who was the botton three?? My 3 favorites!! Britney, Jael and Diana!! I knew that one would be gone!!:'( Here whatthe judge had to say: Jael was not convising them in that picture, even if they thought that she had make some progress, Britney didn't hide her breast enough and Diana was just reliaing on being pretty. Then, Jael was safe!! So there was only the two plus size model left!!! Yup , that meant that there could be only one left... So Diana was send home!!! They could have give her a second chance, and could sent somebody else like Jaslene or that hawaii on that I have a blank with her name(Renee!!) I know that this week, her best picture was not great, but she did a fantastic job last week!! I hope now that Britney does kick ass to make all of us, round and/or curvatious body proud!! And to make shut up that annoying and so foul of herself Renee!!!
Farewell Diana!! Hope to see you soon somewhere!!
And Britney, prove to the world that a plus size model can be as big as a top model than an skinny girl!!!!



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