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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Water, snow and pennicilin

For the last week, I've been sick!! I have one of my famous cold!! I will almost never catch other viruses, but anything cold, I will catch!! I do cough a lot... One of the only thing that can sooth my throat is water, and I do drink a big quantity each day(more than 3 L) So I want on thursday to the doctor, but my real doctor was not there, he was on vacation... The other doctor just listen to my lung, "everything seems clear there", and boom, give me prescription for penniciline... but as a matter of fact, penniciline don't do much on me, especialy the Avo one... I know it won't help me cure this cold... But since he was not my real doctor(but he was way cuter and had a greater body than my doctor) he didn't knew that the thing that works for me is a cotafy syrup... So three days in treatment, still feel like shit, and don't see improvment!!
And we have had a lot of snow during the weekend, over a foot... But snow means warmer weather...(I really don't mind the snow itself!!) And since we heat the house with wood, it's been really hot in here and dry, just to make mathers worst, my lung are more feeling like they are on fire!!!
Ok, enough of this, I don't like people that complain, I won't be doing more myself!! I'll be all smile in a few days, and still smile at you today...


Blogger Haley-O said...

Uh oh! I better get outta here! The last thing I need is to catch one of YOUR "famous colds"! ;) Feel better, Jill!!

8:32 PM  

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