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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Family Guy

So the only cartoon I could watch over and over again in english is the Family guy!! Hello, are we talking about a disfunctionnal family!! But they still have something that makes them believebale. So tonite, thought about Stewie getting all into tanning!! A lemon headed toasted baby!!! And the worst is that he gets a tanning bed , and say to the dog that he have to wake him up like in a half hour!! The dog falls asleep and only wakes up like 6 and half hour after!! So now, we have a red lemon lobster! After a couple of day, Stewie started to peel like a snake!!
I feel so much like him sometime(without the sun bed and the out in the sun for 6 hours!!). I do have pale skin, and it's a pain if I forget to wear sunscreen!!
So , no matter your complexion, don't forget to put sunscreen on yourself to keep save from to harmfull rays! So enjoye your summer!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Pembroke, Ontario, Summer is two months long.
Filled with humidity and mosquitoes.
I prefer winter in Thailand!

3:43 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Rhetorically, is there something good about Pembroke?? Moquitos, humidity, bear, no cable...

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Great Blog. As much as Family guy used to rock in the first few seasons, it is getting down every season with same stale comedy and jokes. IMO Souht Park and SImpsons are also going down the hill.

Anyway for those who can not download Family guy from torrents and are looking for all Seasons of Family guy, they can download it from here -

Hope this helps others.

10:49 PM  

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