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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Parodie - Dégénération

So here is a parodie of the song Dégénération from Les Aïeux.

So here is the translation:
After the big success that the group Les Aïeux had in 2006 with their song Dégénération, the group " The Classols" decided to make a "remake in 2117.
You great great grand-father, he is dead from a weird cancer, The doctors told him he talked too much on the cell
And you grand father maried another grand-father, he was really populaire, his name was André Boisclair
And you my yound lad, what do you think of all that
In 2117, is it stiil cold in the winter?
Or did your descendants scrap the environement?
Yet our governement told us it was really important
(Lame imitation of Stephen Harper)
You great grand-mother was dirt ugly
Your Great grand-father meet her on Réseaux contact
And your grand-father, to be able to keep your dad
Had weird ideas and he climb up the Jean Cartier Bridge
And you, my l'ttle girl, what do you do with your night?
Slow down with extasie, last night it end up bad
Your parent didn't like being woke up by the hospital
And even more to see your face on the front page of the journal de Monrial

I'll post the original version on my other blog...Someday

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only a blog post a mother could love

8:26 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Rhet, could I have some children and don't know it!!
And move your ass to go see my respond to your comment!!

6:53 PM  

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