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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So here is a up-date on my wonderfull adventure with weapon in martial art.
My back ache! I do tend to have more exagerated stance with the sword and I have to take a rounder stance to be able to put strengh in the moves.
Right after the freestyle with it, my shoulder were sore. It aplies big round movements, and I guess my shoulder aren't strong enough even with the 1 year and half of karate.
And right now, I can feel soreness all through my arms. Painfull to type! I'm devoted to writting for you!!
Who knew that it would involve other muscles than doing the normal freestyle and move ? I'm just finding it out that muscles to swing a 40 inch sword are not the same as just blocking someone!
At least, I made some improvement!! They are really minor, but I did!
The worst thing is that I feel that I only have like 3 moves!! And it doesn't seems enough to me! How can I do a freestyle with only 3 moves?? The freestyle is at least 30 seconds!!
And we always have to imagine someone that we are fighting against while doing the freestyle. I'm trying to imagine where will each move will hit on a real person, but I cannot imagine a opponent while doing some moves with my sword. And there is still nobody to help me that master that weapon.
And if someone want to give me a massage, it will be with pleasure... My permission is needed, doh!

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Blogger Lakota Princess said...

I'm thinking Batbitchy would love to give you a massage. If she offers - run.

5:06 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

I prefer one of Lisa nekkid men to do it...

1:38 PM  

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