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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


So on Friday, I have to made a well needed bra shopping...You'll say why a much needed bra shopping?? Well, I've lost 15 pounds since the end of July, and with the 15 pounds lost, I've lost one inch on my chest...Most of my bras have become too big cup wise...Some of those were almost brand new... Couldn't I have lost weight somewhere else??
Most of the time, I felt like I didn't have boob enough...The only time I thought I had enough, or too much, is when I went top shopping, since I love empire waist top, it seems like there are made for like A cup girls!!
But then, it is just another reason for me to go lingerie shopping... I love shopping, and if I didn't reason myself(and that I had an unlimited fund) I would buy some everytime I go in town!! LaSenza is one of my favorite store after all!!
(Lakota are you happy now?? Now I have No Doubt in my head!!)
(Where is your credit card Rhet?)
(Who is coming shopping with me?)



Blogger R.E.H. said...

Bra Shopping?

Hmmm... sure, I'll tag along - as long as I can help you try them out. ;)

4:19 PM  
Blogger Lakota Princess said...

REH in a bra - yeah, i'll come along to see THAT.

2:37 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

REH, you actually know that bra shopping included actually wearing the bra somehow??

Lakota, I wonder which size he is?38A?

2:45 PM  
Blogger Iron Pugilist said...

Me too, REH! Can I come along?!

2:05 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

Does that mean that next time that I go bra shopping, there would be REH, Lakota, IP and me?

IP, yup, you can come along...

Lakota, I wonder if I let the guys choose them for me, they would come out with good choice!?!?

10:42 AM  
Blogger R.E.H. said...

There is one major requirement when considering a bra... they need to come off easily.

One doesn't want to fiddle around too long around the back when one wants access to the goods ;)

BTW... I wasn't suggesting I wear the bra... ugh!

5:42 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Do you think you gonna come bra shopping with me, and that you are gonna be the only one having fun?

5:45 PM  

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