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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not him

On Monday, I went to karate , like usual...I know I might have talk you about K, but he is a smiling guy...And I do like guys with great smile. I've never seen K like he was on Monday...He was behind me when we line up. During the first strech that made me look behind me, I've notice that he looks tired. He was the one that did help me with the strech agains the wall...He usually laugh at me, because I've an hard time streching me(I'm 5 foot3, he is 6 foot2...There is just so high a girl my height raise his leg), he did not on Monday. During the break, not once did he even smile... I ask him what was wrong, he said that he did run 4k the day before...But it must be something more, we are kind of use at the physical pain...I've worry about him... Someone told me what it must be, and I feel sorry about the poor guy.
ok, ok, it helps that I find him attractive and like his smile... And he was really not K that night


Blogger Julia Smith said...

Hope things pick up for him, Jill.

Whenever you get a minute - Tag! You're it!

4:27 PM  

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