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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Marie-Chantal Toupin

I did go see too the show of Marie-Chantal Toupin "Non Négociable". Since she is one of my favorite singer, I was pretty exited to go see her show. I've been listening to her songs since her first cd, and now she had a third one that came out like an year ago. I told my family that she was smaller than what she was when she first start out her career. When I saw the show, I have found out why. She gave a very energic show! It when on for like 1h45, and she only took like a 5 minutes break and her band was still playing during that break, so there was no intermission. And she does interact a lot with the audiance. I had the chance to give her my hand twice. She was trying to saluate every part of the audiance too. She sounds as good in concert as on her cd. If you have the chance to go see her, I suggest that you go.

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