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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sprinkler: only for children?

Last weekend was pretty hot down here in New-Brunswick. Since my cousin and her kids move just beside where I lived, I pass a lot of time with them. The kids got a sprinkler a couple of weeks ago. So on last saturday, we decide to put our bathing suits and go play with the kids underneath. The sprinkler is not the kind that just turn around, but kind of a string with like 12 sprinklers splasing all around.
So we go outside, hook it on our hose, and start it. pretty cold when we fisrt star, and my cousin's daughter was afraid to go throught at first. Her son was almost the first to go trought. WE start at 2, and did that until4, took a break, and then my nieces arrived. Start back for another hour. Had a bbq with marshmallow... Then, on sunday, we did start the sprinkler again. Then got to a friend who have a swiming pool, but that's another story.
So my verdict on sprinkler?? It should not be only for kids! It was like 30 and 28 last weekend, being under them made me forget how hot it was. The kids was just an excuse for us to play with them! Some stuff shouldn't be just for kids. I had fun, got a little more of a tan, got a work out, keep fresh and got to stay outdoor all day! My kind of fun! What do you think about that?


Anonymous Janny-Q said...

Sprinkler just for children? I take it I am nothing but a big kid! I must admit though, that frog sprinklers are the best! The water goes up and down and all around. Try to get away from the's impossible! Gotta love summer and sprinklers!

6:25 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Don't know about the frog one, but sprinkler are still pretty fun!! And I knew that you were a bog kid. Will shall have a big sprinkler party down to my place!!
Ca te ferra une raison pour monter dans le nord me visiter! We just have to set a date and an hour, and hope that theweather is good!

8:04 PM  

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