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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Peter MacLeod

So, on friday night, I went to see a stand up, Peter MacLeod. He was pretty funny. But he cannot laught proprely. When he did see that we were not laughing as much as he tought, he made a joke about it. We did laught a lot. He is crazy.
Here some of the joke he has said in the show:
-In the gay Olympic, when they run, at the sound of the gun, unlike the original ones, just stay there.
They are waiting for the second wave
-I once had a nymphomane girlfriend. With her I had my better orgasm. We were in a roller coaster, she was sucking me, but it was another girl that swallow.

Here some liks if you want to know more about Peter MacLoed/Voici des liens si vous voulez en savoir plus sur Peter MacLoed:


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