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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Karaté:once again

Last week, I was a little bit frustrated . This week I was in a better mood!DOn't ask me why, cuz the pratice was as hard as last week. But I think I found out that it help me to get in touch with my inner peace. My instructor talk this week that somestuff he make us do, is to help us get in touch with our chakra. And what I like about him, and master sanseï, is that they are still so humble even if they are really good at karaté. That makes them so much greater instructors, and teacher.
They always make comparation from what we are learning in karaté to what we do in real live. they is always something we can relate.
Some person I know told me, why don't you try something else. Well, I don't think something else will get me from tired to so well relaxe and full of energy afterward. Our instructor mix a little bit of yoga in their teaching. And when you look at karaté on the physical base, in 3 month, I am really more in shape then before. When I first start, down in May, I got to pass through a liter bottle of water in each pratice, and i would have drank more. Now, down in July, the weather is warmer, and heavier, I just pass through like 500mL. This martial art works out every aspect: flexibility, we do a lot of streching to be sure to not stretch a muscle or nerf; we do some cardio when they make us to up and down(when we block when the other person hit, and vice-versa) and when we do the part of katta; we work our coordination, without it, we couldn't be able to do the moves correctly and we do some relaxation when we do some breathing techniques and the littl part of yoga.
Like I said before, during the summer we are doing our pratice in one of the guy garage. we end up usualy group of 4 to 7. I found it really go, cuz the instructo only has 3 to 6 persons to look after. He will know our strengh and weakness but the end of July, and we are going to be able to work on it during august. so i don't care that most of the students think it's not worth it! I know it is, and I will be really prepare in september for the class, and for my grading.
Enough for today. Since I don't like reading long blog, I will cut this short. Even if it is still pretty long for me.



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