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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sheephouse fall

Since my cousin go some brochure from the region I'm from, we decide to go see Sheephouse Fall. About an hour of drive(20 minutes of that in a dirt road) we arrive. Well, there was a surprise, we had a flat tire on the van. We were in middle of nowhere, it's a road where they cut wood, but it was friday, it was raining, and the afternoon. There was no traffic. So we decided to go see the fall before we change our flat. So there was a couple of fall and other stuff. to really see the biggest fall, you got to go off the trail. There was a little trail, but it was really abrupt. I did wanted to go see, to get a good picture of the fall and get a good view. I did not made three feet on that trail that they were already moving to the next thing!! I hate it when people don't take times to really see an attraction. You are in your break, take time to relax. I found it still ok, if we could have seen thenm well. So since my aunt had a van, the spare tire was underneath the van, and always been there. so I suggest that they take our spare tire( they had a dodge caravan and we had a cavalier), but they say no, it probably won't fit. So my cousin's husband try to take the tire off from underneath. An hour after, still did not have a spare tire, since we didn't have tools. So that when he decide he is gonna try our spare tire. it did fit. So we drive back to the Canadian Tire( at speed of 20, 40 and 60 km/h). AT CT, they repared it, and put it back for 22$. Just got time to go to the Bulk Barn, a paradise for my candy loving cousin. But she did not have the reaction we presume, but she was kind of down with the whole flat accident. I just got back in time to eat and get prepare to go see the stand up.


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