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Monday, July 17, 2006

Big Brother: All Star

Week two began. As for always since I've start to watch this show, the episode I enjoye most is the weekend one! Besides the fact that those episode were the time we began to drink on saturday, it is the ones with the food competition!
That means that grow up will be jumping in all sort of food, or eating gross food. And the are creative about this part of the show! And for most of the show, who will get PB&J or full food or the all cast with restricted variety of food. But this season, there is a twist on that part, the losing team of the food competition doesn't get PB&J all week, they got BigBrother Slob. It is a kind of very thick oat stuff, and it looks discuting! That means no variety for them.
To add on this show, I'm so Proud that Kaysar is back!!! DAmn I found that man attractive!! The biggest default I have found on him is his religion... Hope he stay long this year , so I'll have my eye candy!


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