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Monday, October 16, 2006

karate or how to concentrated?

How am I suppose to concentrated on my moves?
Ok, i do like the sport. I do have a good concentration, but everyone has their limits. And my 2 last pratice , I've been having an hard time having my full concentration. There this new guy, and he's looking good. he use to be an hockey player( don't know if he still does some) so imagine the body type. How can you concentrated when you have to look in front of you and it is him you have in front you? i can say that i don't have my eyes on the level I'm supposed to, that is looking in the other person. ;) And there is the other guy(he looks good too) that today was had a fly on his back. I just wanted to flick it away, off his shoulders!! It was frustrating!!!
Too much distraction!!!! Somebody will have to help me on this point!!! lol



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