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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Yesterday, it was two of my friends wedding. So one of the woman that works at the place they rent is a vulture(not kite sure it's the way you write it, but tooo bad). But since she is a relative of the groom, she came helping and gave advice. She told the bride that she should have bought 5 box of chip. My older sister(she was the bride's maid) told the bride to just buy 3. The verdict: after the party is finish, there is still 6 bags of chip left. And what would the vulture will have done with the rest, to her advice 2 box? She would have steal it, or wait, take it home without asking to the groom or bride. But my cousin was there and she was not able to take what she want. And to make it worst, I was totaly shock, we had glass of punch on the table. We didn't have table cloth, but out of the blue, the vulture came and empty the glasses of punch that were on everyone tables. We were still drinking off of it. We would have keep on drinking them through the night. I had to hold the glass that i was drinking so that she didn't took it. After she had finish to empty the glasses in the kitchen, what does she came out with? A bottle of punch that she took to her table. So beware of the vulture!


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