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Monday, August 06, 2007

Teaching in middle of the summer?? What??

Did I tell you what happen last Tuesday?? We were only me, the guy where we do karate and one little girl to karate. Sansei N. was not there because he had something for his job or union. And quess who was the highess belt in the 3 of us?? ME!! And do you what does that means??I HAD TO TEACH THE CLASS!!! Me, with my little second degree blue belt, I had to teach a class!! With almost zero experience in teaching karate!! I had to find what was the routine we were going to do !!It is hard to remember the 20 moves we do in the warm-up...Think of it, that is only the warm-up!! Then I had to show a couple of sequence of movement to do!! I had to do it as perfectly as possible!! I had to correct the other two if needed!!
That makes me realise I'm not ready to teach karate...I have a lot more to learn... I think the 3 years that I planned would take me to get my black belt would give me the knowledge and technique I needed to teach that martial art...I have to work a lot, very a lot, on the spiruality part before even considering to be able to obtain my black belt sometime!!



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