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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Somebody wants to give me a massage??

So yesterday was our second summer karate pratice. Our instructor always wants us to push a little bit more during this period. He makes us do some new strech and warm up exercices, and a new sequel of movement. One of the move makes us block farther than usual, so it ask for a little bit more strech. Half way through the serie, i felt a cramp, I said to myself it will go away, and when I ended the serie, it still was cramp. I thought it would get better after I slept( I do believe that mostly every little pain and aches would dispeare after a good night of sleep)
But tonite, I still can feel the pain in the back of my leg, going from my butt to the back of my knee. I not some big pain, but still don't feel comfortable, and it's annoying to walk!!
So I'm asking for your help, fear blogger friends! Who wants to give me a massage to try get rid of this pain??

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