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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I NEED SOME CHANGES!!! I'm not where I think I should be!!
Yesterday, I was looking through some thing through of my university because there is a reunion back there in two weekend!! I realise that I want to go so much back to the university!!! There so much stuff that I want to learn!! It was some great years for me!!(And I'm kind of mad after my university friends!! They don't want to go before they are sure there is place to stay on campus and there is enough people that we know there!!)
Then, I'm going to my hairdresser tomorrow and probably will go back next week for some color. And I would want something drastic!! Blond and blue streak!! But then, she didn't have the blue I would want!!(She was the one that gave me this idea!!Something like aquamarine!!)
Then, I think I want a new tattoo. Maybe something on my left hip, just where the curves start to stop. Just on the side... Maybe a dragon. It just came right of the blue, and I really picture it!!
And my love life is as boring as it can be!! Not even have a potential or single prospect in view!!
Ah, and I went to the dentist today!! Gingivitist is still there(not as worst as the first time, but still there!!) I have 4 or 6 filling to do... I'm gonna keep my wisdom teeth, but he is still gonna remove two molars!!Did I mention that the dentist is damn gorgeous??But , then, I'm officially his patient today, and he has the reputation to be a part time player!!
Ok, I'm out for tonight!! Enough with the complaining!! And it's not like I can afford any of those thing for now!!! But I still want and need some changes!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...And my love life is as boring as it can be!! Not even have a potential or single prospect in view!!..."

You will always have me! Your devoted servant of love.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

But my servant don't serve me in real life, only on the net!!
And that kind of servant don't keep you warm when you are cold!!

8:09 PM  

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