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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So, even if I try hard to concentrated on the class and what the instructors are telling us, some time, during the karate's class, I get distracted. But what you might ask. Well... What else than the men! Since it's a demanding sport, do I have to tell you that most of those men have really great body. And with that , some are handsome men. So for example, last Tuesday, we were doing the warm-up, we had this serie of like 30 or 50 push-up. Since I hate them and cannot do this much, so I was sitting down , and there was sansei M doing his, and was looking in my direction(normal, since I was not doing what was ask, and not really trying to do it). Do I need to say more about the mental picture that I had??
And then, on Monday, I was sparing with D. Did i said that this guy has a wonderfull smile. So when you are sparing, you pretty much get a feel of every part of the guy body. And know at the same time how in shape in the guy. Some of you are probably gonna say why I do go after him. He has a girlfriend and they have a house together.
At least I can use this excuse when I don't do a move right. I won't say it to the instructors, because I might get in big trouble, espacially in the case of the fact that the instructor might be the reason why I'm distracted.



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