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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Healty Living tip By Christie


Do the temptations at work have you eating more often and less healty options? Bring pre-portioned package of cookies or crackers so you can pass by the kitchen but still enjoy those tasty treats in without feeling guilty.
Are we suppose to feel guilty?? But this one doesn't apply for me, because I eat better at work than when I'm here at home, because I do my lunchbox every morning!

No 58
À votre travail, êtes-vous tenté de manger plus abondamment ou des repas moins bons pour la santé? Apportez des portions préétudiées de biscuits ou de craquelins, de sortes que vous pourrez faire un détour par la cuisine et encore profitr de vos petits goûters sans être bourré de remords.
Est-ce que l'on est supposé avoir des remords? Celui-ci ne s'applique pas pour moi, car je pense manger mieux quand je travaille par rapport à ce que je mange à la maison, car je fais ma boîte à dîner chaque matin!

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Blogger Rhonda Leigh said...

You've got a misspelling in your headline, Jill -- "healthy" became "healty." It's in your tag too.

I was a journalist for years, so those things just leap out at me and smack me right in the eye.

I've been having fun w/ the meme you tagged Lakota Princess with. Good one!


12:51 PM  
Blogger Lakota Princess said...

Awwww fuck. I'm being ganged up on.
Jilly, ignore Rhonda - she's anal.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Iron Pugilist said...

Jill, where do you get these health tips? I'm sure you got something better to read.

Rhonda I've been an editor myself too, but I don't think it's insufferable. It way better that "O Hai dis s my blog lol wtf i hav comnts lol"

4:38 AM  
Blogger Lakota Princess said...

LMAO! I always thought of that texter lingo as ouiji board speak, IP! It annoys me. Hmmm.... there's a pro whiner post...

6:12 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

Jill, find at least something better than I mispelled something to comment on here!! And I say to myself that even if english is my SECOND language, I do write it better than some people that it is their native tongue!

Poor little Lakota that cannot protect herself!

IP, it is not in a book, it is cookie bag(Christie is an important cookie and snack company here in Canada!)
And mouah!

Lakota, I think that ouija spell even better than that!

11:56 AM  

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