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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Why does this happen?

So I don't remember if I talk to you about one of the guy that does karate with me that is a little bit younger than me. K has a really great smile, and i find him attractive! We've been vaguely flirting during classes, but nothing way obvious, because we are always surrounded by other persons.
So, a day last week, I was on my Facebook account, and he was on-line too. So i start teasing him, because he wasn't there for the last classes of this year, asking him if he was hidding. We talk a couple of minutes, when he ask me if I like partying, because him and a couple of friends when to a local dance club. And did i wanted to go with them. i wanted to go because it is my favorite club, and K seems to be my kind of guy. But they were going out on Saturday, and it was my nephew baptism on that day, so I told him no, and the reason.
And to make it worst? We only go out for supper after the ceremony! I knew it on Thursday or Friday that we wouldn't do much, but I was not able to reach him...
I hate it when this kind of stuff happen! I'm starting to think that I have the worst of luck with guy lately!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh well, what is meant to be will be.

You can't force it to happen, and I am sure it will happen for you when the time is right.

It is nice to be happy in your own skin - that is what I am learning to try and do, just so I don't be reliant upon a new lover to be my only source of happiness - this was what my wife and I did with each other, which I think, is one reason she left, because when she started to feel not quite fulfilled or happy in herself, she decided that it obviously was my fault.

I grow and learn and wait for the right one, and when I find her I will wait and learn about her too.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have browsed through every blog post in both your blogs, and looked at your profile.

I'll look again, but I'm fucked if I can see that pic?

(I must be blind, or stupid, or both?)....

12:58 PM  

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