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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Panties alert!!

For you all, out there, here is a big fashion advice...
When you are wearing white pants, be careful of which underwear you are wearing...
Today, there was a woman at the restaurant that was wearing some white capri... And those capri were that like nylon material, so they were not that thick. I'm telling the world that that woman was wearing boycut blue-and-white stripes panties!! She was doing a major fashion faux pas...(And the woman has children my age)
So when wearing white pants, please be careful on with panties you put on. Wear white ones or something near the colour of your skin. Be careful with the white one. I know that with my white capri, white underwear still show. So I know now, that I need to wear tan panties, because they are close to my skin tone. And it goes for you too, men.



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