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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weird class

So last Thursday was my second class of the real karate season. It was kind of weird!!I arrive in the gym like a minute late(I need to do something for this one, I'm having an hard time arriving before the warm-up). So I did the warm-up, and I think I actually did like 30 push-up in a row!! Yeah for me!! So then a break. That is when a woman(one of the kid mother) said to me that I was flexible. And she was like, yes, you are way more flexible than last year!! I was, in my head, like what, this is maybe the sixth time I come here, and she notice me?? And the last time I went there, exept on Tuesday was in September 2006.
Then, we had to spare. Sansei N. made G. spare with 4 childs and made me and a kid(I think he was a 1st degree blue belt) against sansei M. So sansei M. is a third degree black belt and I'm only a 2nd degree blue belt. I've never spar with somebody higher than a black belt!! And for a first sparing session since last June, it was hard. I had always to come into M., because he has more knowledge of the art and more strengh than me, and the kid wasn't as agressive and going after M. like I did!! Even if it was really tirening, it was great!!
And then, we did some up-and-down. I was against Georges. We are praticely the same strengh and he is a 1st degree and me a 2nd degree blue belt, so I enjoye going agains him. So we were doing the move and blocking, when all of a sudden, I raise my knee and and was about to do a front ball kick.That is when he block me, not with his hand, but his forearm. It was a chance that I was doing the kick right. I've been having an hard time rolling my toes, so it the foot that hit, but this time I was doing it right!! It hurt all night long. And today, my knee hurts!! I'm pretty sure that G. should have a big bruise now! He has good bones for a old man!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And then, we did some up-and-down. I was against Georges.

My name is George by the way

1:33 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Damn, I was not suppose to say his whole name!!
And since, when, Rhet, are you called George??

1:42 PM  

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