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Monday, July 31, 2006


When I was little we did go to the beach like every weekend of the summer. So I do adore water and the beach. I do love pool, and wish we had one backdoor at home. But I can swim, but I'm not a great swimer, I hardly can swim. And, as much as I adore water, almost my only fear is drowning. So I did always wanted to try water slide, but was damn afraid of the landing in the pool. So i went camping and they did have two slides on the side. So I've wanted to try it. So we bought a pass for 20 run in it for 4$ between my sis and me. So I went in the slowest one. I felt a little bit like one of those bobsler driver. the part i was afraid of when very well. I just went like for a second under water(it was only a 4 foot high pool) and didn't swallow much water. So the final verdict: It's pretty fun. it goes pretty fast, and it has a couple of turns and it,s just like 5meters to 10meters. Couldn't imagine the speed you go in the kamikase(don't if that is the real name) at Magic Moutain that is like twice the heigh and strait. It's as refreshing as the pool. And going up those big stair is a good work out.
So don't be scare, go in and enjoye yourself!


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