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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Watch out for your cheek/ Faites attention à vos pommes

One of my guilty pleasure move in karate, is a kick that is done with the top of your feet, the front round house kick. I really love that move, espacially when I have somebody to do the move on...But the bad side for the other person, I hit him on the butt. And it slap... Usualy, I do it with my brother-in-law(it's a little bit of payback to him) and I hit him with that kick like 10 times... But last tuesday, I was my instructor. Usually, I always have a bruise on the bottom of my right leg(he blocks really hard) when praticing sparring or ups and down with him. I think I really hurt him with that kicks(5hits on his butt) . But he still could make me laught like crazyby doing funny faces!!
And now, since I've ask him if we could do that kick that way, master senseï has been teasing me and every one that I fought against . He says to them watch out for your butt
I really enjoye doing karate, those days was one of the day that just prove it more.



Blogger [Mat] said...


keep at it.

they'll have to buy butt protectors.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

tush cushion?? Or just grow a bigger butt!!

6:12 PM  

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