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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 22

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 women/girls I use to appreciate/admirer but I don't really now, or not as much!

1. Hillary Duff
... She is getting better lately, I like her in brown hair... But she has lost a sweetness...She has lost something that made her her!!

2. Angelina Jolie ... She is back to her too thin self and is too much look at me now!!
3. Ashley Simpson ... She was so gorgeous before, now with all the plastic surgery, she looks just fake...
4. Jessica Simpson ... She is way more dumber now then when she had her first cd out!!
5.Katie Holmes ... I like her soooo much as Joey on Dawson's Creek... But this one, we're all blame it on Tom!!!
6. Kristen Dunst ... Like her character, but she seems to think she so much smarter than everyone!
7. Scarlett Johansson ... I'll have to admit she is beautiful, and adore her in The Island, but there is just something about her I cannot stand!!
8. Mary-Kate Olsen ... Cute when young, but just became too comercial
9.Ashley Olsen ... Same as above
10.Mischa Barton
... I like her the 2 first season of The O.C., but did you see how she dress now??

11. Britney Spear ... Do I need to explain here??

12.Michelle Rodriguez ... I like her before because she was a tomboy and stand out of the crowd, but after her DUI accident...

13. Paris Hilton... Never really like her style, but I was one short!!!

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