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Friday, May 11, 2007

Is master sanseï blind??

Well, on Tuesday, it was our grading... I did my freestyle, it started bad, I almost lost completely my balance, and that made me wondering more for my moves than usual, and like screw up my rythm. And for the sparring, I was with my brother in law!!! Even if he is a brown belt, and I was a green, we always enjoye it... Even if he is my in law, we have more a big brother- little sister relationship... So it's always fun to kick his ass!! My cousin , the one that punch me in the face, had the gust of saying to him that he has to go smooth on me(afterward, he told my BIL that he was rought on me!!) Back to the sparring!! The first hit I recieve was on the leg, and it hurt all the way trhought the pratice(I have a bruise now!!) I still did 4 point(for you, unfamiliar with martial art and karate, I was able to touch/hit him 4 times without being block).
After my sparring(the higher belt would have their gradding Monday) we had a little break. Then, it was time for the comment, the certificate and our new belt... Since I was the highest belt that was grade, I was last to receive my belt. It is when I saw my instructor searching for two belts. Master sanseï say to me " I was really impress by you, so I had to give you your 2nd blue belt", I was like "What?" I look a my instructor, who was giving me the two blue belt, and look to the score sheet. Wrote over the 1st, there was a 2.
i don't think I deserve the score that I got!! And I really know I'm not ready for all the things that go with being a 2nd blue belt!! My blocks suck big time!! They are ok when I'm with a lower belt, but when I'm with a higher belt, I only block like 1 out of 3 moves!! Why does master sanseï doesn't see that?? Am I the only one that is seeing my mistakes???



Blogger [Mat] said...

Senseï is written with an "E".

Let him give the belts, let you do your best.

Think you know better than him? Challenge his decision.


7:35 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

I know that he knows better than me!! But I still believe I don't deserve the second belt!!

6:10 PM  
Blogger [Mat] said...

Then challenge him. :-)

6:47 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

Je ne veux pas ressembler à un strouphm! Même si Master Senseï est a peu près la même grosseur que moi, je ne suis pas assez folle pour le confronter...
Peut-être veux-tu seulement ma mort??LOL!!

1:52 PM  

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