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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

whoa oh oh Tequila Maria!

So today I went to my grandma, and at the same time saw my cousin at the same time... We went out eating and we started to talk about summer and the plan about for the summer. One of the thing summer always tend to bring, is party, and well drinking.
She said that we should have a party at the camping ground... And suddenly, out of the bloom, I wanted tequila!
I hear your thoughts, saying right now, "you were thinking of driking, and tequila is alcohol, it's normal you crave it"
First, I don't drink tequila very often. And second, I don't really like tequila...
I wanted some so bad!! Last time I had some, I was like yuck!!
Does that mean I need a drink fast?? Does that means that I need to get drunk very soon??
If you want to have a drink with me, leave your message, and bring some boost, and great drink recipes!!!

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