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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not yet!! / Pas déjà

Wow I've been slacking on this blogging thing lately!!! Exept for my Thursday Thirteen, I've not been doing much entries this month!! And even more slacking on my karate thinking!!
It is official, the grading would be on May 8!! I'm gonna try to pass my first blue belt!! I don't think I have done much progress since december. I just added like two moves to my register... I'm still struggling to do my sweep... and I cannot put a roll in my freestyle without loosing the flow of it!! still have 5 pratices to perfect it!!
Lately I've been having a lot of feedback from the higher belt!! There was a time when i was like : "Don't they see I did that move wrong??" . But the last two or three weeks, they've been helping me a lot. The only thing, some pratice , I just feel I have an information overload!!! Old D(I'm gonna talk about two guys that there name start with a D and are my instructor) who is definitly a perfectionist, is the one that is giving me more feedback... "Do your wheel kick like this" , "Your side block should be that way" "Be careful to have your heel out fir the side kick" Those thing make me so consious of my moves, i have to think of like ten thing while doing a simple move!! Yesterday, K was saying while we were sparring, "Kick faster, because if you take too much time, I could do this move" While grabing my leg and holding it up!
So much to think such little time!!!
In today pratice, I was doing up and down, not even sparring, with my cousin, and he hit me on the jaw, between the lips and the nose... The traitor was aiming my face the whole up and down. We have a rule that say that unless you have gloves, you cannot hit on the face. He was say that he stop his move, but it was me that came in... I don't usualy come in somebody with enough force for cutting my inner upper lips at 3 distinct places. And I almost forgot to say, the guy was aiming for my face and where should be my adam's apple a couple of time!
Then, while sparring, I was with young D. Last time, he went really smooth on me. I know he is damn good... I do appreciate every time he does his freestyle, and it is spectacular!! I was "come on, don't go smooth on me!! You can hit me!!" The guy ws having fun on me... He has the lowest stand I ever saw(he is my height, and goes almost to the floor!!) and was going that low! The guy had a big smile on his face the whole time!! But I wish I could make my move like him!!



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