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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Missing a friend...

It drives me crazy that I miss my friend i had a crush on from karate. It's his birthday today. I wish I could wish it to his face. And I miss seeing around. he is gone in west to become a RCMP. I know I probably talk to you about him. We flirted sometimes, really wagely, but never did one of us did really make a move on the other.
The last time he was over in town, I've meet him while entering at work. During that evening, we did exhange a few texts. one from him was telling me to meet him. And then, a minute after, he said he was going to bed.
I think, someday, I just have the worse luck with guys.
And to make matters worse, one of my good friend, who is kind of naive, is not single anymore. The one that my best friend and I always make some teasing joke about her not making moves at all on guys. So I guess I'm the only one that is single now on my close circle of friend in town. Which is gonna suck. Being the 5th wheel. It did go with my Best Friend, I was use on her having or not having boyfriends. But I've never even seen this friend frankly flirting with a guy even when it was obvious that some were flirting with her.

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