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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Attempt on being back!

I just realized that I haven't wrote in like FOREVER!!! Actually 4 years!
I am still a massage therapist, which I think was one of the best career change I could ever do. I am helping people feel better without needed harsh medication. A lot of people will say we give a lot as RMT(Registered Massage Therapist) but my clients give me as me back. They tend to cheer you up on those days when you feel a little down or grumpy. And do see how much better some of them are after a few treatments is PRICELESS!!
There have been a few major steps in my life as well that did happen or are about, but will talk about it a bit further. One of them might influence me to write more often here. We will see.
I will try to work on poetry, which I kind of miss doing, but life got in the way. Might be a way to vent out like it used to be and clear my mind.
I will try to write once a month in both blogs. I hope I keep it!


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