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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Biggest journey about to start

The last few days have been a waiting game. I have finish working, so I am just here at home watching tv and trying to find energy to clean. I am 39 and half weeks pregnant. 
I can not wait to see her little face. Yes, we are having a girl. 2 days before I even took the pregnancy test, I had the feeling I was pregnant with a girl. It is weird to say, I know. I was massaging a future mom, which was obviously pregnant with a boy, but didn't want to know the sex of the baby. And then,I felt that little ball of energy in my tummy. She had a boy and I was pregnant with a girl. Took a test 2 days after and it was positive. Then the ultrasound confirm my feeling. To tell you, since I have been with my husband, I saw for the first time the face of my children in my dreams. Could never see them before. I always saw since one little red head girl. So I guess we have that to see if it will be a redhead now.
 I was lucky, I had a really good pregnancy. Worse part was the swelling in my hands and not having the full feeling in my hands while working. I do hope that the delivery goes as well. But she can come like right now! Like any time. 
I know having her in our lives will be life changing, but I can not wait to see her. To see what part of me and what part of my husband she will have. And to see if she will be an actual redhead (both my husband and I have redheads and Irish blood in our family). 
I know I will be cranky, with the lack of sleep, I am a big sleeper. But still can not wait to see her. There will be challenges! I heard that breastfeeding is way painful! I didn't want to breastfeed more than the first 48 hours, but I know it is the best option health wise and money wise. 
I will be waiting... Just a few days until my due date.

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