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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why do guys do that?

I was cuddling with a guy I've been seeing two weekends ago. I've told him I was starting to have feeling for him. He told me he wanted to keep things simple, and he wouldn't want me to get hurt.
I don't tell me feeling easily. It took me two weeks to convice myself to say that to him. The weekend before, I was trying to say that to him, begin to be frustrated, not being able to say that I have feeling for him, that I've start having tears to my eyes. I needed to get out of his place. Be alone. There, on his porch, I've let the tears flow.
And then, when I finally say that to him, he comes with that respond. I'm just sure that he is afraid of being hurt again. I think he got hurt bad in the past, and have a hard time letting me in. He freaking acts like a boyfriend. I've told how he acts with me to my best friend, and she approve with me, she thinks he acts like a boyfriend! I wish I could hear clearly what he said when I've told him that. I think he said that he had feeling too. But he said it so low, that wasn't clear.
I need to confront him for real, but I'm afraid of his reaction.... Will see.