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Saturday, March 22, 2008

My kind of tuck!

I use to watch Nip/Tuck back when it first started! And I love it...Julian McMahon who plays Christian is a man that I totaly find handsome!
I started to watch it again when the new episodes started after the writers'strike. I realise that I have miss it! I really like all the sujects they brings up that could be found not politicaly correct for a lot of people!

The shower behind the bed in Christian's old appartement was amazing...(Yes it help that Julian was in there...)
And the episode I just watch have Julian naked...Do I have to tell you more about what came through my mind...
Now if I can remember to watch it on Friday!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 59

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 french/english translation

So if your place is like mine, you had enough of winter this year! Snow is pilling up on the ground, and we have more to come! I want it to be summer! Right now!


2. Snowflake/Flocon de neige

3. Shovelling(Haven't you done your share this year?)/Pelleter

4. Igloo/Igloo


6. Sliding/Gliser

7. Skating/Patiner

8.Snowball / Boule de neige


10.Snowstorm/Tempête de neige

11.Your tongue on a pole/ Ta langue collée sur un poteau

12.Falling on your ass over ther ice/ Tomber sur le derrière sur la glace

13.Freezing Rain/ Pluie verglaçante

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Want some?

Even if during the last two days I was not feeling like eating, the rest of the week I've been looking for sweet like crazy! Was there some sweet here? Yes, there was candy, but that was not what I wanted, I wanted a sugary dessert!
So this morning/afternoon, I would be cooking some sweet! I would be doing some lemon pies(probably two, but without meringues) . I gonna tried to make a lemon cheesecake and with the egg white left from the eggs use for the lemon filling, I would probably tried to do some meringues cookies!

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Feeling like a vampire

Well, I've not been feeling much like eating yesterday and today! I'm usually hungry half of the day. Why am I not when I'm usually almost always hungry that I don't feel like eating?
I've got another wisedom tooth remove!(I didn't know that I was wise, but it is okay, I guess!) And since they didn't put me stiches this gum are open, and still bleeding... I have that taste of blood in my mouth(the reason why I,m not hungry!). So this how it must feel to be a vampire and feed on blood! But I want to eat real food! It's a little bit better tonigh, but still there and the gum is sensitive!

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

That is an awfull lot of corn!

Last Thursday, I was watching a show on ethanol as fuel(the show was Enquête on Radio-Canada, the french version of CBC). we were talking about the different ways to make ethanol. The one most frenquently use in Canada is to make it with corn.We get the ethanol by probably making the corn fermentated. We then mix it with normal fuel in different pourcentage.
But what chock me was what a fill-up of a car(I really said a car) with ethanol(at probably 85%) was equal to. I don't remember what was the superficy of the field needed for the fill-up, but the amount of corn use could feed me, calories wise, for a year! One fill-up could feed a person for a year! that means that what a car consume within a year could feed 50 persons into the same year!
And during the test to found out the effeciency of the ethanol versus ordinary fuel, from fossil, the ethanol(that they had to get in Ontario to have a percentage of 85%) was less efficient that the fossil base fuel! The distance run with a fill up on a close course with new car was shorter with the ethanol! I would have like them to talk about green house gas emmision during the show! With all those bad sides told during the show, would it be worth it environnementaly wise?
In Brazil, they are making sone ethanol with sugar cane. That process has a greater yield that the method using corn. And with the cane fiber(cellulose), they can make some of the energy needed to have the ethanol by fermentation enough to feed the central, but sell a little bit more of the extra energy.
So what do you think? Is ethanol a good alternative to fossil base fuel?

Jeudi passé, je regardais une émission parlant de l'Éthanol comme carburant(l'émission Enquête sur Radio-Canada). On y parlais des différentes manières dont on pouvait faire l'éthanol. Celle utilisée au Canada est à base de maïs. On tire probablement l,éthanol à partir de la fermentation du maïs. On le mélange généralement à l'essence ordinaire dans des pourcentages variés.
Mais ce qui m'a plus choquée, c'est ce à quoi équivalait un plein d'essence d'une voiture(j'ai bien dit une voiture!) avec de l'éthanol(probablement à 85%). Je ne me rappelle plus de la superficie que couvrait le maïs nécessaire, mais le maïs utilisé pourrait me nourrit, au point de vue besoin callorifique, pour une année. Un seul plein pourrait nourrir une personne pendant un an! Ce qui veut dire que ce qu'une auto consomme pendant un an pourrait nourrir environ 50 personnes pendant cette même année!
De plus, pendant le test de l'efficacité de l'éthanol par rapport à l'essence faite à partir de carburant fossiles, l'éthanol(que l'on a du aller chercher en Ontario pour obtenir un à 85%) était moins efficace que l'essence à base de pétrole! La distance parcourue avec un plein d'essence sur une piste fermée avec des voitures neuves était moins grande sur la voiture utilisant l'éthanol!
J'aurais aimé qu'ils parlent aussi du point de vue émission de gaz à effet de serre! Est-ce que tout ça, malgré les nombreux désavantages décrits pendant le reportage, vaut la peine au point de vue environnement!
Au Brésil, on fait aussi de l'éthanol à partir de la canne à sucre! Ce procédé apporte un meilleur rendement que la méthode utilisée avec le maïs. De plus, avec la fibre(cellulose) de la canne, on peut produire de l'énergie(nécessaire à faire l,ethanol par fermentation) suffisament pour alimenter la centrale, mais aussi pour vendre un peu de l'électricité produite en surplus.
qu'est-ce que voue en pensez? Est-ce que l'éthanol est une bonne alternative à l'essence à partir de carburants fossiles?

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Thursday Thirteen # 58

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 reasons why I want to change this computer, or I'm searching in a new one!
This computer
1. It takes me like 10 minutes from when I,ve put the power on before I can do anything with it!

2. I'm having an hard time oppening internet windows after I've log-in!

3. It's a pain in the ass using Power Point and Word...So slow to load and than it is slow to have the window while I search for other stuff.

4.My cd-burner doesn't work anymore.

5. My dvd-rom and cd player only works one in a while

6. The computer will shut down, or restart, at least once a day!

7. Do you think I'm doing a good think of searching for a new one? Or is there something I can do to make this one work proprerly?

What I want in the new one(and help me to know what to look for everything that I want, because I'm just familiar with the software thing!) . And I think I'm gonna look at Dell for it. Are they any good?

8. I want a laptop

9. I need something that permit me to do a lot of stuff at the same time and have a lot of windows open.

10.I know I need a lot of hard drive, because I have a lot of big document with Power Point for work

11. I've been wondering if it is different to have a glossy screen or a mate one? The mate one should be one that don't reflect light...

12.Is the webcam on laptop any good? Are they worth it?

13. What about the bluetoot, the router, the wireless routier? What are they good for?

Thanks dor the help!

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