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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A sad Valentine's day for me

It usually doesn't border me being alone on Valentine's Day. It never did, since I rather be single than being in an unhappy relationship.
But today, I'm feeling really lonely.
A good friend of mine was suppose to come down for the weekend. Yes, there is a possibility of more with him. I was all excited, since, I would finally meet him, and I would have him with me on Valentine's day. On last Wednesday, he told me he was stuck at work, that his boss didn't really give him a choice of working for that certain part of the job.
So first of all, I didn't get him with me.
Then, I ask a guy that I have been seeing to come over on Saturday night, then again on Sunday, and he stood me up the two times.
Another friend of mine was supposed to come over to hang out. That friend felt asleep and stay over his place to watch the Olympic with his roomie.
My roomie wasn't at the appartment.
So I did pass all my Valentine's DAy alone. didn't see a living soul. All I wanted was either company or some cuddling and hugs.
I was watching a show, it wasn't that sad, and I did cry. That isn't really me...
Well, i have school tomorrow, I hope I feel better