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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I miss about univresity(USA rules!!!)
1. My friends
2. Having friends that are my age
3. Proscratination
4. Going to the club almost every weekend(even if it was the Château)
5. Recardo's, they had the most grease on their garlic finger, but damn their garlic finger were the best
6. Sweet Mademoiselle, espacially the one wher we saw Sam great butt
7. Saturday nacho or tacos
8. Caper-Newfie
9. Watching movie with Tonia and trying to find a moral or a philosophic meaning to the movie, so we wouldn't feel so guilty for not doing our homework
10. Marie-Claire"Il fait froid. Je vais mourir."("It's so cool. I'm gonna died") while going to the Chateau
11. Drinking game, and the drinking part . Remember kissing the wall, dear neighbor
12. Notes we wrote during our boring class. Jean-Luc never felt out of his chair and Chris was still looking good.
13. Night in Yarmouth/trip to there/late roadtrip or walk

13 choses qui me manquent à propos de l'université
1. Mes amis
2. Avoir des amis qui ont mon âge
3.Ne rien faire
4. Aller au club presqu'à toutes les fins de semaine, même si c'était au Château
5.Recardo's, il avait les doigts à l'ail les plus graisseux, mais les meilleurs au monde
6. Sweet Mademoiselle, tout spécialement celle ou on a vu les fesses de Sam
7. Les nachos ou les tacos que l'on mangeait le samedi
8. Caper-Newfie
9. Regarder des films avec Tonia et essayer de trouver une morale ou une philosophie pour se sentir moins coupable de ne pas avoir fait nos devoirs
10. Marie-Claire "Il fait froid. Je vais mourir." lorsque l'on allait au Château
11. Les jeux pour boire, et la partie boire. Tu te rappelle d'avoir embrassé le mur, chère voisine.
12. Les petites notes que l'on s'écrivait pendant nos classes plates. Jean-Luc n'est jamais tombé de sa chaise et Chris gardait encore bien.
13. Soirée à Yarmouth/voyage là/ nos voyages tards ou nos marches lorsqu'il fesait noir

Sunday, August 06, 2006

wake-up girls/réveillez-vous les filles

Do you realize that 95% of all women(probably for north america statistic, or Canada) do not fit in the mold of beauty that the medias present. So only 1 out of 20 women do look like the female movie star or model we see on television.
I don't want to be like them, the majority only have skin on there bones. I have read before that a woman should have like 15 to 22 % of her bodyweith in fat(I think, it's been awhile since I've read that article). Those stars don't fit in that healty equation.
For me, a woman that has a beautiful body has to have hips, waist and boobs. And you do not see their ribcage through their skin. And as much as I like the 6 pack look on a guy, I do not like it on a girl.


Réalisez-vous que 95% des femmes (probablement pour l'amérique du nord, ou le Canada) n'entrent pas dans les standards de la beauté que véhiculent les médias. Donc seulement 1 femme sur 20 a l'apparence des femmes que l'on voit dans les films ou comme les modèles.
Je ne veux pas être comme elles, car la majorité n'on que la peau sur les os. J'ai lu qu'une femme devrait avoir comme 15 à 22 % de leur masse corporel en graisse(je pense, car ça fait un bout que j'ai lu cet article). Ces stars n'entrent pas dans cette équation de santé.
Pour moi, une femme qui a un beau corps doit avoir des hanches, une taille et des seins. Et tu ne vois pas sa cage toracique à travers sa peau. Et autant que j'aime la façon que parait des beaux abdominaux(6-pack) sur un gars, je n'aime pas ça sur une fille.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Yesterday, it was two of my friends wedding. So one of the woman that works at the place they rent is a vulture(not kite sure it's the way you write it, but tooo bad). But since she is a relative of the groom, she came helping and gave advice. She told the bride that she should have bought 5 box of chip. My older sister(she was the bride's maid) told the bride to just buy 3. The verdict: after the party is finish, there is still 6 bags of chip left. And what would the vulture will have done with the rest, to her advice 2 box? She would have steal it, or wait, take it home without asking to the groom or bride. But my cousin was there and she was not able to take what she want. And to make it worst, I was totaly shock, we had glass of punch on the table. We didn't have table cloth, but out of the blue, the vulture came and empty the glasses of punch that were on everyone tables. We were still drinking off of it. We would have keep on drinking them through the night. I had to hold the glass that i was drinking so that she didn't took it. After she had finish to empty the glasses in the kitchen, what does she came out with? A bottle of punch that she took to her table. So beware of the vulture!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I hate while I'm sleeping
1.telephone ringing and waking me up
2. My dog barfing loudly
3. having to get up to pee, cuz my blader is about to blow alarm clock ringin, cuz is time to wake up
5.Slut walking with slip in shoes that make alot of noise
6. Someone snoring near my room
7. Waking up at every hours of the night
8. Being so hungry that it wake me up
9. Having the feeling I'm about to fall down out of bed
10. People that wake up before me and make noise
11.Hearing a mosquito near your ear and not seeing it when you open the light

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This is a way to integrate Kit Kat in a blog.

So which kind of chocolate do you prefer?

For me, I do hesitated in this three choice : crispy crunch, Mr.Big or Kit Kat Chuncky. While I was at university, I ate a ton of Kit Kat Chuncky. I like the chuncky kind better, cuz I like thing that are big. I actually found it more fullfiling than the original brand.
Crispy Crunch is very good too, but i hate the fact that it gets stuck in your teeth. But it's really good in a flurry.
But Mr.Big is the one that I prefer in think. It's a light chocolat.
And I make sure I'm eating enough chocalate each week, cuz after all, it's a good source of iron!!!