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Monday, July 31, 2006


When I was little we did go to the beach like every weekend of the summer. So I do adore water and the beach. I do love pool, and wish we had one backdoor at home. But I can swim, but I'm not a great swimer, I hardly can swim. And, as much as I adore water, almost my only fear is drowning. So I did always wanted to try water slide, but was damn afraid of the landing in the pool. So i went camping and they did have two slides on the side. So I've wanted to try it. So we bought a pass for 20 run in it for 4$ between my sis and me. So I went in the slowest one. I felt a little bit like one of those bobsler driver. the part i was afraid of when very well. I just went like for a second under water(it was only a 4 foot high pool) and didn't swallow much water. So the final verdict: It's pretty fun. it goes pretty fast, and it has a couple of turns and it,s just like 5meters to 10meters. Couldn't imagine the speed you go in the kamikase(don't if that is the real name) at Magic Moutain that is like twice the heigh and strait. It's as refreshing as the pool. And going up those big stair is a good work out.
So don't be scare, go in and enjoye yourself!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Need a name/besoin d'un nom

I just got a new cat, and he( not even sure it's a male) need a name. Since I very unlucky with cat, the last one had a cold and was sneezing green stuff, I've lost my imagination for cat name. So if you have any sugestion, it would be appreciate. Know the drill, put a comment.
Here some name we come out with
-Framboise(Rasberry, like the fact that my cat would have a fruit name)
-Toby( sound like a dog name)
-Pistache(we already had a cat name pistache, it stand for pistachio)


Je viens juste d'avoir un chat, et il(je ne sais même pas si c'est un male) a besoin d'un nom. Puisque je suis très malchanceuse avec les chats, le dernier avait la grippe et éternuait quelque chose de vert, j'ai perdu mon imagination pour les nom de chats. Si vous avex des sugestions, ca serait apprécier. Vous savez comment procéder, laissez un commentaire.
Voici quelques noms avec lesquelles nous avons mentionnés:
-Framboise9je le fait que mon chat aurait un nom de fruit)
-Toby(je trouve que celui-ci est plutot pour un chien)
-Pistache( on a déjà eu un chat qui s'appelait comme ça)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Marie-Chantal Toupin

I did go see too the show of Marie-Chantal Toupin "Non Négociable". Since she is one of my favorite singer, I was pretty exited to go see her show. I've been listening to her songs since her first cd, and now she had a third one that came out like an year ago. I told my family that she was smaller than what she was when she first start out her career. When I saw the show, I have found out why. She gave a very energic show! It when on for like 1h45, and she only took like a 5 minutes break and her band was still playing during that break, so there was no intermission. And she does interact a lot with the audiance. I had the chance to give her my hand twice. She was trying to saluate every part of the audiance too. She sounds as good in concert as on her cd. If you have the chance to go see her, I suggest that you go.

If you want to know more about Marie-Chantal Toupin, visit her official site at/Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur Marie-Chantal Toupin:

Peter MacLeod

So, on friday night, I went to see a stand up, Peter MacLeod. He was pretty funny. But he cannot laught proprely. When he did see that we were not laughing as much as he tought, he made a joke about it. We did laught a lot. He is crazy.
Here some of the joke he has said in the show:
-In the gay Olympic, when they run, at the sound of the gun, unlike the original ones, just stay there.
They are waiting for the second wave
-I once had a nymphomane girlfriend. With her I had my better orgasm. We were in a roller coaster, she was sucking me, but it was another girl that swallow.

Here some liks if you want to know more about Peter MacLoed/Voici des liens si vous voulez en savoir plus sur Peter MacLoed:

Sheephouse fall

Since my cousin go some brochure from the region I'm from, we decide to go see Sheephouse Fall. About an hour of drive(20 minutes of that in a dirt road) we arrive. Well, there was a surprise, we had a flat tire on the van. We were in middle of nowhere, it's a road where they cut wood, but it was friday, it was raining, and the afternoon. There was no traffic. So we decided to go see the fall before we change our flat. So there was a couple of fall and other stuff. to really see the biggest fall, you got to go off the trail. There was a little trail, but it was really abrupt. I did wanted to go see, to get a good picture of the fall and get a good view. I did not made three feet on that trail that they were already moving to the next thing!! I hate it when people don't take times to really see an attraction. You are in your break, take time to relax. I found it still ok, if we could have seen thenm well. So since my aunt had a van, the spare tire was underneath the van, and always been there. so I suggest that they take our spare tire( they had a dodge caravan and we had a cavalier), but they say no, it probably won't fit. So my cousin's husband try to take the tire off from underneath. An hour after, still did not have a spare tire, since we didn't have tools. So that when he decide he is gonna try our spare tire. it did fit. So we drive back to the Canadian Tire( at speed of 20, 40 and 60 km/h). AT CT, they repared it, and put it back for 22$. Just got time to go to the Bulk Barn, a paradise for my candy loving cousin. But she did not have the reaction we presume, but she was kind of down with the whole flat accident. I just got back in time to eat and get prepare to go see the stand up.

busy weekend

This weekend6, some of my family came down from Québec. Since they were just here for the weekend, I wanted to pass time with them. It was kind of hard, cuz we had bought ticket for two show like 3 month ago. So we went to see some fall, see a comick on Friday. Then on saturday, we did go see a french singer and camping.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I like in the summer
1. Eating soft ice cream from local dairy bar.
2. Being able to enjoye the beach
3. Feeling the hot sun against my skin
4. Reading outside
5. Not working
6. Some of the visitors from Québec
7. Eating meat cook on the BBQ
8. Eating marshmallow cook on a bond fire
9. Fresh berries, espacially the wild kind
11. Festival
12.Getting a suntan
13. being able to see the touristic attraction

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Karaté:once again

Last week, I was a little bit frustrated . This week I was in a better mood!DOn't ask me why, cuz the pratice was as hard as last week. But I think I found out that it help me to get in touch with my inner peace. My instructor talk this week that somestuff he make us do, is to help us get in touch with our chakra. And what I like about him, and master sanseï, is that they are still so humble even if they are really good at karaté. That makes them so much greater instructors, and teacher.
They always make comparation from what we are learning in karaté to what we do in real live. they is always something we can relate.
Some person I know told me, why don't you try something else. Well, I don't think something else will get me from tired to so well relaxe and full of energy afterward. Our instructor mix a little bit of yoga in their teaching. And when you look at karaté on the physical base, in 3 month, I am really more in shape then before. When I first start, down in May, I got to pass through a liter bottle of water in each pratice, and i would have drank more. Now, down in July, the weather is warmer, and heavier, I just pass through like 500mL. This martial art works out every aspect: flexibility, we do a lot of streching to be sure to not stretch a muscle or nerf; we do some cardio when they make us to up and down(when we block when the other person hit, and vice-versa) and when we do the part of katta; we work our coordination, without it, we couldn't be able to do the moves correctly and we do some relaxation when we do some breathing techniques and the littl part of yoga.
Like I said before, during the summer we are doing our pratice in one of the guy garage. we end up usualy group of 4 to 7. I found it really go, cuz the instructo only has 3 to 6 persons to look after. He will know our strengh and weakness but the end of July, and we are going to be able to work on it during august. so i don't care that most of the students think it's not worth it! I know it is, and I will be really prepare in september for the class, and for my grading.
Enough for today. Since I don't like reading long blog, I will cut this short. Even if it is still pretty long for me.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ghosts: Do you believe in them?

There always been weird stuff hapening in my family. We had premonition before some of our family members would died....
I don't if it's because of that, but I always had a fascination with paranormal stuff! But why does human are so fascinated with what could happen to our spirit after our death? Do they exist? If yes, why don't everybody see them? Is there really bad spirit and good ones? And why do they stay on Earth?
I'm not kite sure that i believe in ghost, but I do believe in premonitions. And I think that if ghost exist, they are the spirit of person that were so hurt in their life, that they stay here on earth.

Les fantômes: Y croyez-vous?
Dans ma famille, il y a toujours des choses étranges qui se sont passées. On a souvent eu des prémonitions avant qu'un des membres de la famille ne meure.
Je ne sais pas si c'est ça, mais j'ai toujours eu une fascination avec les choses touchant au paranormal. Mais pourquoi est-ce que nous sommes si fascinés avec ce qui arrive à l'âme après notre mort? Est-ce que les fantômes existent? Si oui, pourquoi est-ce que seulement certains d'entre nous peuvent les voir? Est-ce qu'il y a vraiment de bons et mauvais esprits? Et pourquoi restent-ils sur Terre?
Je ne suis pas certiane à 100% que les fantômes existent, mais je crois au prémonitions. Et je pense que si les fantômes existent, se sont des esprits qui ont été si meutris pendant leur vie, qu'ils sont restés sur Terre.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Big Brother: All Star

Week two began. As for always since I've start to watch this show, the episode I enjoye most is the weekend one! Besides the fact that those episode were the time we began to drink on saturday, it is the ones with the food competition!
That means that grow up will be jumping in all sort of food, or eating gross food. And the are creative about this part of the show! And for most of the show, who will get PB&J or full food or the all cast with restricted variety of food. But this season, there is a twist on that part, the losing team of the food competition doesn't get PB&J all week, they got BigBrother Slob. It is a kind of very thick oat stuff, and it looks discuting! That means no variety for them.
To add on this show, I'm so Proud that Kaysar is back!!! DAmn I found that man attractive!! The biggest default I have found on him is his religion... Hope he stay long this year , so I'll have my eye candy!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sprinkler: only for children?

Last weekend was pretty hot down here in New-Brunswick. Since my cousin and her kids move just beside where I lived, I pass a lot of time with them. The kids got a sprinkler a couple of weeks ago. So on last saturday, we decide to put our bathing suits and go play with the kids underneath. The sprinkler is not the kind that just turn around, but kind of a string with like 12 sprinklers splasing all around.
So we go outside, hook it on our hose, and start it. pretty cold when we fisrt star, and my cousin's daughter was afraid to go throught at first. Her son was almost the first to go trought. WE start at 2, and did that until4, took a break, and then my nieces arrived. Start back for another hour. Had a bbq with marshmallow... Then, on sunday, we did start the sprinkler again. Then got to a friend who have a swiming pool, but that's another story.
So my verdict on sprinkler?? It should not be only for kids! It was like 30 and 28 last weekend, being under them made me forget how hot it was. The kids was just an excuse for us to play with them! Some stuff shouldn't be just for kids. I had fun, got a little more of a tan, got a work out, keep fresh and got to stay outdoor all day! My kind of fun! What do you think about that?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Doing Karaté in the summer: Why do I even border?
Ok, I've restarted doing some karaté in may(done some like 5 years ago), but during the summer we cannot have a reasonable hour during the week at the school's gym we were praticing during the rest of the year. So one of the guy that was doing karaté say that we could go to his garage to do some. This week, on tuesday, we did go as usual. But even if the garage is big and pretty clean, it was still pretty warm in it! And to make it even more hard, our instructor decided to make us have a real work out, so we would be ready to pass our belt during september. At some point, because I'm not in a too good shape, Iwas about to pass out.

But at the end , I know why I go through this each week: I feel so relax and good afterward. And I probably have killer leg and abs in a couple of month!!:D

Faire du Karaté pendant l'été: Pourquoi j'essaies?
J'ai commencé à refaire du karaté au début de mai(j'en avais fait un peu il y a 5 ans), mais pendant l'été, on ne peut pas avoir un temps raisonable au gym de l'école ou l'on en fait pendant le reste de l'année. Donc, un des gars a proposé que l'on alle en faire dans son garage. Cette semaine, mardi, nous y sommes allé comme habituellement. MAlgré le fait que son garage est assez grand et propre, il reste quand même qu'il y fait pas mal chaud! Et pour rendre la chose encore plus pire, notre instructeur a décidé de nous donner un grod workout cette semaine, pour etre sur que nous serons prêt pour passer notre ceinture en septembre. À certains points, j'étais sur le point de m'évanouir, car je ne suis pas très en forme!!:D

Mais à la fin, je sais quand même pourquoi je fais ceci: je me sens très détendue lorsque j'ai terminé, ainsi que très bien. Et dans quelques mois, j'aurai probeblement de très belles jambes ainsi que un beau ventre!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday thirteen
Thirteen things I like in living in the country side:
1.Breathing the fresh air every day
2. Having a place to sunbath
3. Have enough back yard to have a pool, a patio, picnic table...
4.Having the posibility to have a garden
5.Eating the garden fresh vegetable
6.Being able to take walk in the wood
7. Having a lot of trail to do 4-wheeler and ski doo
8.Having enough snow to do snow angel, snowman and other snow stuff the same day
9. Being able to make snow hill to slide
10. Down river tubbing
11.Bark yard bond fire
12. Being able to play loud music pretty much anytime
13. Being able to see clearly the stars in the sky

Monday, July 10, 2006

There is two things I need help with today:
-I'm looking for rock's songs from the 80's. If you have some suggestion, please post the name in the comments
-And I still haven't found how to put picture on here!!!!!! I've try, but not picture have show up.
And if by any chance, someone will give me their credit card to go shop, it will be highly apreciate!!!
À l'aide!!!
Il y a deux choses avec lesquelles j'ai besoin d'aide aujourd'hui:
-Je cherche pour des chansons rock des années 80. Si vous avezdes suggestions, s'il vous plaît mettre le nom dans les commentaires
-Et je n'ai pas encore trouvé la manière de placer des photos sur ce site!!!!! J'ai essayé, mais ca veut simplement pas marcher.
Et si quelqu'un veut me donner sa carte de crédit pour que j'aille magasiner, ça serait vraiment apprécier!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My dear Lasenza!!
I've gone to Moncton this week, and I went shopping with a friend. And since we don't have one down in my town, we decides to go at LaSenza. God , I realise i miss so much that store!! I could have bought a lot more that this, but I couldn't afford more:
-Bustier: Regular39.50$, sale price: 16,50$
-Seamfree lined bra : 26,50$
-free Sless Bra: 34,50$
-Lx Daywear 2 Pc set: Regular : 29,50$, sale price : 8,50$
-6 panties: 22,80$(regular price 49$)
Grand total: 120,84$ (regular price 204,06$)
This store has great clothes and they have a great quality/price ratio. Some of the stuff i bought there five year ago are still in good shape.
Wanna know more about this store I adore, and makes me realise my addiction to clothes even more? Go visit their site at :
Mon cher LaSenza
J’ai été à Moncton cette semaine, et j’ai été magasinée avec une amie. Puisque l’on en a pas dans ma ville, nous avons décidé d’aller au LaSenza. Bon Dieu, j’ai réalisé comment j’avais manqué ce magasin. J’aurais pu acheter plus de choses, mais je ne pouvais me le permettre. Voici ma liste d’achat :
-Bustier : Prix régulier 39,50$ , spécial : 16,50$
-Brassière seamfree lined : 26,50$
-Free Sless Bra : 34,50$
-Lx Daywear 2 Pc set : Prix régulier : 29,50$, spécial : 8,50$
-6 petites culottes : 22,80$ (prix régulier 49$)
Grand Total : 120, 84$ (prix régulier:204,06$)
Ce magasin a un très bon rapport qualité/prix. Il y a des choses que j’ai acheté il y a 5 ans que je porte encore et qui sont en bon état.Vous voulez en savoir plus sur ce magasin que j’adore, et qui m’a fait réaliser encore plus mon addiction pour les vêtements? Allez visiter :


Thursday, July 06, 2006

One Word?
What one word do you think describes me?

Leave it in the comments then copy and paste this into your blog so I can leave a one word comment about you.

Une mot?
Quel est le mot qui me décrit le mieux?

Laissez-le dans le commentaire et par après, copiez et collez le dans votre blog et j'irrai écrire un mot à propos de vous.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My knee hurts again!!! :@
Since I've been in high school, I've been having problem with my right knee. Probably all the falling on my knees in handball. Doctor say there is nothing, but... But friends could here it crack sometimes.
Anyhow, I'm trying to keep myself active because, when i stop, usualy i start having problem with it. I've been the most active I have been since hich school, i think(starting to have somekind of muscle definition against my rib cage!!:D)! This week, i've restarted taking walk, cuz I do have access to sidewalk. But yesterday, i was trying to go upstair(staying at friends for the week) and I wish it was escalator. I could hardly go upstair. My knee was stift and hurt baldy. But as stuborn that I am, I will still keep on taking walk and doing karaté. I haven't felt that good in a while! Enough for today! Seems like the sky gonna clear up, gonna go take a walk.
Mon genou a recommencé à me faire mal!!!:@
Depuis l'école secondaire, j'ai commencé à avoir des problèmes avec mon genou droit. Probablement dû aux nombreuses fois où je suis tombée sur mes genoux au handball. Mais le doctors dit qu'il n'y a rien là...Mais mes amis pouvaient l'attendre craquer des fois .
En tout cas, depuis ce temps, j'essaies d'être active, car, lorsque j'arrête de l'être, c'est là que les problèmes commencent à apparaître. Maintenant, je suis plus active que je l'ai été depuis l'école secondaire(je commence même a voir la définition des muscles le long de mes côtes!!:D)! Cette semaine, j'ai recommencé à marcher, car j'ai accès à des trotoirs. Mais hier, j'essayais de monter les escaliers(je suis chez des amis pour la semaine) et j'aurais souhaité qu'ils aient un escalator. Je pouvais difficilement monter les escaliers. Mon genou était raide et me fesait mal. Mais têtue comme je suis, je vais essayer de continuer de marcher et de faire du karaté. Je n'ai pas été aussi en forme comme ça depuis un bout. Assez pour aujourd'hui! Il semble que le ciel va s'éclaicir, je vais aller prendre un marche.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

It doesn't take much to amuse a kid
On saturday night, at was at my sister's house, and some of my little cousins were there. They found a ping pong ball somewhere. As for the half hour, or the whole hour, to come, we play trick on them, trying to hide the ball, and make them search for it. They were moving, they were laughing, as well as us, they were making the logic and observation skill work. It was a great thing to do for them. They were interacting with each other, and with the adults.
That make me wonder why do parents buy so expensive toys to them, when a 50 cents ball could do the work as well??
Les enfants n'ont pas besoin de grand chose pour s'amuser
Ce samedi soi, j'étais à la maison de ma soeur, et quelques-uns de mes petits cousins y étaient. Ils ont trouvé une balle de ping pong. Pour comme une demie heure, ou une pleine heure, à venir, on les a fait joué, en leur fesant croire de cacher la balle, en leur jouant des tours, en cachant la balle, et en les fesant chercher. Ils bougeaient, riaient, tout comme nous, les adultes, les enfants fesaient fonctionner leur logique ainsi que leur sens de l'observation. C'était une bonne chose pour eux à faire. Ils intérageaient avec l'un et l'autre, et avec les adultes. Ca me fait penser, pourquoi est-ce que les parents achètent des jouets si dispendieux, lorsqu'une balle de 50 cents pourrait faire la même chose??

What is the difference when it's a girl that does it??
Ok, this subject did it news awhile ago, but is coming back. After the media saw the "Dirrty" from Christina Aguilera and "Colle toi à moi" from Caroline Néron videos, they made a big fuss. They treated those two women of slut, and almost having sex in the video. I had an argument with some of my friends like two weeks ago about this, that what remind me of the subject.
I found it ridicule that men will do the same stuff and never a word will be said. It's gets me mad!!
When the "Dirrty" video did come out, one of my friend did saw it before me. She said: "I'm very disapointed in her, I found it scandalous!!" I was, like ok. Then I saw the video and I was wondering: "What's all the fuzz about?? ok, it's sexier than her old stuff, but they are not having an orgy like my friends did make it sound like". And none of them pretend to be little angel and a virgin like Briney Spear did.
In male performer video, the girls are always wearing bra bustier or bikini top, and skirt or short that show up the start of their butt. Lately, I even saw in one of a male performer video a women dacing against a pole, or should i say a stripper!!! Can somebody tell me why is it so different when it is a woman performer that take control of the sex appeal in the video???
Quelle est la différence lorsque c’est une femme qui le fait?
Ok, ce sujet a déjà fait les manchettes il y a un bout, mais il est de retour sur la table. Après que les médias ont vu les vidéos « Dirrty » de Christina Aguilera et « Colles-toi à moi » de Caroline Néron, ils en font un gros tabac. Ils ont traité ces deux femmes de putains, et certains ont même jusqu’à dire qu’elles faisaient presque l’amour dans leur vidéo. Je me suis argumentée avec quelques-unes de mes amies sur ce sujet il y a environ deux semaines, et c’est pourquoi le sujet est revenu à ma mémoire. Je trouve ridicule que les hommes font la même chose et on ne dit jamais un mot. Ça me frustre.
Lorsque le vidéo de « Dirrty » est sorti, une de mes amies l’a vu avant moi. Elle a dit : « Je suis vraiment désappointée d’elle, je trouve ça scandaleux!! » J’étais comme ok, Puis, lorsque j’ai vu le vidéo, je me suis demandée : « Pourquoi a-t-on fait aussi de bruit pour ce vidéo?? Ok, c’est plus sexy que ce qu’elle a fait auparavant, mais ils ne sont pas en train d’avoir une orgie comme l’ont prétendu mes amis. » Et aucune d’elles a prétendu être de petits anges ou être vierge comme l’a fait Britney Spear.
Dans les vidéos des artistes masculins, les femmes portent toujours des bustiers courts ou des hauts de bikini, et des jupes ou culottes courtes ou l’on peut voir la pomme de leurs fesses. Dernièrement, j’ai même vu dans une des vidéos d’un artiste masculin, une femme dansant autours d’un poteau, ou j’aurais du dire une danseuse exotique. Est-ce que quelqu’un peut me dire quelle est la différence lorsqu’une femme prend possession du côté de la sexualité dans un vidéo?

Summer, Winter, Fall or Spring: Which do you prefer??
Ok, today, i'm lacking a little bit of idea, so i'll make it easy for myself. But I have an idea, but don't know and didn't succed at puttin picture on this site :@!!!!
Which of the four season do you prefer?? For myself, and for as long as I remember, I've been a summer girl!! Firstly, because i hate cold!! So when warm weather comes, it makes me smile!! After, i adore wearing thank top, and it seems a little bit ridiculous to wear some when it's -30 outside. On staying on the clothes side, during winter, i hate needing to put like 5 inch of clothes to feel warm, during spring, i don't know which king of foot wear to put on, and during fall, i should almost always wear a rain coat.
To finish, summer permit me to do the activities i like the most: reading and/or relaxing under the sun, suntanning, going to the beach and to exterior swimming pool, taking long walk, down river tubbing, visiting touristic attraction. The great life, what!!!
Été, hiver, automne ou printemps: Lequel préférez-vous?
Ok, aujourd'hui, j'ai un peu un manque d'idée, donc je prends la route facile pour moi. Mais la vrai chose, cE'st que j'avais une idée, mais je suis incapable de mettre des photos sur le site, et je ne sais pas vraiment:@!!!!
Quelle saison préférez-vous?? Personnellement, et pour aussi longtemps que je puisse me rappeler, j'ai préféré l'été!! Premièrement, puisque je hais le froid!! Quand les températures plus chaudes commences, ça me fait sourire!! Après, j'adore porter des débardeurs, et c'est un peu ridicule d'en porter lorsqu'il fait -30 dehors. En restant sur l'habillement, pendant l'hiver, je hais le fait de devoir porter 5 pouces de vêtements pour me sentir au chaud, pendant le printemps, je ne sais pas quel type de chaussures placer et pendant l'automne, je me sens comme si je devrais toujours avoir un manteau de pluie avec moi.
De plus, l'été me permet de faire les activités que je préfère: relaxer et/ou lire sous le soleil, en me fesant bronzer, aller à la mer ou dans les piscine extérieur, prendre de grandes marches, faire de la tube, visiter les atractions touristiques. La belle vie, quoi!!!