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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Money and New Year

So here is a question for you:
-Am I the only one that is broke for New Year's Eve?
No matter how well I manage my money, after I've bought my Christmas gifts, clothes and other stuff, I don't have any money left for New Year! I end up always with liquor to drink, but no money! Do we put too much money for Christmas in the rush, and forget about the Holiday that is made for parties??

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 52

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 things I have done this week!
1. Open my Christmas present...Since it was Christmas on Tuesday!

2. Go sliding... And got my butt hurt when leaping of like a foot or two!

3. Finish my Christmas shopping

4. Ate some date squares...My mom does the best one I ever tasted!!

5. Make some cookies

6. Decorated those cookies with my nieces

7. Watch Stardust

8.Watch Pirates of the Carrabeen: At World's End

9. Burnt a part of the stuffing...oops...Kind of forgot to watch it!

10. Bought a pair of pants...It's been so long since I've bought some clothes for me, espeacially some pants(My pants were starting to become big on me, cannot wear them without a belt!)

11.Watch Santa Claus 3

12. Not feeling like posting anything on my blogs....

13. Made some turkey and rice soup... I got so tired of stew, so I volunteer myself to do a soup with the turkey leftover!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas/Joyeux Noël!

I just want to wish you a merry Christmas to you all!
I'll try to go grant you Holidays wishes at your place tomorrow, I'll be less busy!!
Have Fun!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 51

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 things about Christmas approching!(5 days left!)

1. Have you already thaught some kids during the week before Christmas vacation? They cannot stay in place for 5 minutes!! I had to change some of my goodest students smile this week!

2. I'm probably off for 2 weeks(I have nothing on my schedule before January 11. But I could be call anytime starting the 7!)

3. Tomorrow, I will probably be cooking the sweet, or do I wait for my nieces to be here on Saturday for then to help me out!

4. I might have to buy some icing, to do some cooking decorating with them. Or do some of you have good recipes for icing and that won't drip on the cookies?

5. I still have two gifts to buy!

6. My mon still think that I didn't bought her gift yet!

7.I want to listen to the Inimagimo version of the Match Girl!! It use to play every Christmas Eve when I was a kid!

8. I don't think I will buy new clothes for Christmas!! Very sad fact!!

9. Cannot wait to go slidding with my nieces!! Just have to find that slope that my brother in law is supposed to have done!

10. I'm wishing it won't be raining on Sunday and Monday like it is supposed to accodring to the Weather Network!

11. Cannot wait for the Christmas supper!! I adore eating Turkey!

12. There is actually a couple of recipes I want to try with the leftover turjey!

13. I'm wishing you a happy Christmas and Happy Holidays for you who don't celebrate Christmas!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Don't you have a clue??

Don't you see that I don't want to fucking hear about that girl?? You were suppose to be my friend with benefit!!
Don't you see how ridicule you are?? You just said one week ago that you didn't want to move there with your ex, and now you would for a perfect stranger?? You were fine where you are, and didn't want to change that for a girl!!
I'm getting angry with playing that "I'm only a good friend " game! You've told me that you had a crush on me, and I've told you I had one about the same that as you!
But you keep going on and on about that girl you want to meet!! You don't realise that I almost only use one word answer??
(Sorry, got to get this out of my mind!! He is being kind of a prick!)


Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm stressed!!

So in my TT I've talk about a job oportunity I saw and a e-mail that I got back from a person from there. I need to respond back to the e-mail and say if I'm still interested about the job.
So here is was my debating is about:
-I will have a more steady job, with an average certain hours garanty for each week
-It is mostly one on one teaching(It is at a Sylvan Learning center). I think that one on one teaching is what I prefer in teaching.
-I will have help to find the most adequate kind of teaching for each students
-It would be new challenge for me
-I will be living in town
-It is just a part time job, I would have to find something else to do with it, because I won't be doing enough money to pay my debt and live!
-I will be living in town( I'm a big country girl, love my forest and big open space)
-I will have to pay rent and all of what comes with it.
-I would probably have to find a new car.
Things I have to take in consideration:
-I have to take a decision before the 21
-If I want to really apply, I have to find a place to live, do I consider a place of my own, asking some of my friends that live alone if they have a second bedroom and would consider me as a roomate, or taking my place and having to find a roomate of my own...

What should I do...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 50

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 thing that will explain why I don't have a real theme for this week TT!

1.I have been working a lot this week.

2. I have some karate classes

3. It is cold outside

4. I've been lacking inspiration this week.

5. I'm just feeling lazy.

6. I've been watching too much tv.

7. I have finish Final Fantasy X-2, but I still have to finish the game an 100%

8. I've been shovelling, or playing in snow.

9. I have done some Christmas shopping. Not enough, doh, still have much more gift to do.

10. Wrapping gifts, some with a lot of Schotch Tape, so it won't open in the mail!

11. Playing or talking on the phone with my nieces (The older called me one day and say to me that she was the one that choose and bought my gift!)

12. Been thinking about a job oportunity, but found out it was part time, and it is 2 hour away!

13.REceiving a volleyball in the face, I was talking to another student, and I didn't see the ball coming! I'm so proud that I don't bruise easily on the face!

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Friday, December 07, 2007

So here is Here withoug you from 3 Doors Down! I know, it is not a Christmas video! Explanation underneath the video!

So I was doing some archeological search, and when we were doing the lab work, we had a stereo, and since I didn't have my cd, the guy that was working with me brought the 3 doors down cd! It was the one that we listen more. So now, everytime I hear that song, I cannot help but think about my search experience! And I cannot help to think about the guy that work with me, because every single time it played, he said that it was going to be their next single! And it did become their next single!

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 49

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 goddesses I like


Étoile du matin, Ishtar est la guerre. Étoile du soir, elle est amour et volupté./Star of the morning, Ishtar is war. Star of the night, she is love and voluptuous.


Déesse primordiale de l'Inde, Aditi, elle est la "Non-liée", la Libre. Déesse-mère, elle permet l'épanouissement, elle libère de tout ce qui contraint, elle fait disparaître toute trace de péché, d'impureté, de souffrance et de maladie. Elle donne la bonne santé! / Promordal goddess od India, Aditi is know to be the one without attach, the free. The mother goddess, she permits the blossoming, she frees all that is constraint, makes any traces of sin, impurities, suffering or sickness. She brings good healt.

De la mythologie japonaise, elle est la déesse du Soleil et de la Lumière, et aussi l'ancêtre de l'empereur.Le déesse morte s'enferma dans une grotte et plongea du même coup le monde dans les ténèbres créant la première nuit. / From the japanesse mythology, she is the goddess of the Sun and Light, and the ancestor of the emperor. When she die and entrapt herself in a cave, she put the world in darkness, creating the first night.


De la mythologie celtique, Épona est la déesse des chevaux et ausi leur protectrice. /From celtic mythology, Épona is the godess of horse and their protector.

5. Artémis

Artémis est éternellement jeune et active. /Artemis is eternally young and active.

6. Athéna

L'intelligence et l'habilité, Athéna allie l'amourt de l'art et celui de la sagesse pour sa ville, Athène. /Intelligent and habile, Athena mix love of art with wiseness for her city, Athens.

7. Thétis

Nymphe de la mer, on surnommait Thétis la femme aux pieds d'argent. Elle est la mère d'Achille. /Sea's nymph, Thetis is called silver feet woman. She is Achille's mother.

8. Nymphes

Déesses grecques, les nymphes sont des jeunes femmes , souvent à demi dévêtues, elles symbolisent la beauté et le charme des sources, des bois, de toute la nature. Elles protègent la jeunesse et apportent la fertilité aux terres. /grecs goddesses,nymph are young women, frequently half naked, they are symbol of beauty and the charms of spring, wood, of all nature. Nymphs are protector of youth and they bring fertility to the earth.

9. Maât

Déesse égyptienne, Maât est l'équilibre, et l'ordre social et cosmique. Elle la condition de l'existence des dieux et de leurs fonctions. /Egyptian goddess, Maat is balance, and social and cosmic balace. She is the condiction for gods existence and for their fonctions.

10. Nephtys

De l'Égypte, Nephtys s'oppose à son époux Seth et tente de corriger ses actions malfaisantes. Elle représente la stérilité./ From Egypt, Nephtys will oppose to his husband Seth, and will try to correct his bad actions. She represent sterility.

11. Anahita

Anahita est une déesse perse et donc une des rares femmes dans le mazdéisme(Iran). Elle est la déesse de l'Aurore et de la Fécondité. Elle est aussi connu sous le nom: Ardva Sura Anahita, qui signifie : la Haute, La Puissante, L'Immaculée./ Anahita is a persian goddess, and then so one of the rare women in mazdism(Iran). She is the goddess of Dusk and Fertility. She is also known under the name : Ardva Sura Anahita, who mean: The High, The Powerfull, the Immaculate.

12. Inanna

Du Moyen-Orient, la Dame du Ciel est la déessse de l'amour libre et de la végétation, rusée, volontaire et revendicative, Inanna protège Uruk, apporte à sa ville la civilisation, mais elle est tellement avide de pouvoir qu'elle y risque sa vie./ From middle-east, The sky lady is the goddess of free love and vegetation. Crafty, Volunteer and claiming, Inanna will protect Uruk, bring civilisation to her city, but she be so avid or power that she will risk her life!

13. Uzume

The story of Uzume tells of a dance with which she lured the sun goddess Amaterasu out of the cave where she had hidden herself. She is the Japanesse Goddess of joy and happyness

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In my head

These two song have been in my head today.For different reasons! Hope you enjoye!

I wish you were here - Incubus

Dust in the wind -Kansas

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Busy, leave a message...Again!

I'm cooking some spaghetti sauce and some egg rolls today, but I should be around later!

I'm still cooking the egg rolls, but I'm so damn proud, we had so much egg roll pasta left that we actually cook pizza roll with the spaghetti sauce and some pepperoni!!
Anyway, I'm off to karate pretty soon!!( For Lakota information, I didn't go to my karate pratice, and anyway I would be back home by this time!!)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Parodie - Dégénération

So here is a parodie of the song Dégénération from Les Aïeux.

So here is the translation:
After the big success that the group Les Aïeux had in 2006 with their song Dégénération, the group " The Classols" decided to make a "remake in 2117.
You great great grand-father, he is dead from a weird cancer, The doctors told him he talked too much on the cell
And you grand father maried another grand-father, he was really populaire, his name was André Boisclair
And you my yound lad, what do you think of all that
In 2117, is it stiil cold in the winter?
Or did your descendants scrap the environement?
Yet our governement told us it was really important
(Lame imitation of Stephen Harper)
You great grand-mother was dirt ugly
Your Great grand-father meet her on Réseaux contact
And your grand-father, to be able to keep your dad
Had weird ideas and he climb up the Jean Cartier Bridge
And you, my l'ttle girl, what do you do with your night?
Slow down with extasie, last night it end up bad
Your parent didn't like being woke up by the hospital
And even more to see your face on the front page of the journal de Monrial

I'll post the original version on my other blog...Someday

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Busy, leave a message...

I'm putting up the Christmas Tree... Almost a Charlie Brown Christmas tree... I have a lot of work to do so it looks ok... A branch up, another pointing down... Loosing a hundred needle... At this rate, it is a artificial tree, it is looking worse every year!! But it is a chance we have a lot of decoration!