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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A quotation

So here is a quotation of Jet Li on his official site(for the full thing, go see at :

"Do I think that an understanding by all people that there is one divine
creative source for all religious truths would bring about a global end to
conflict? No, I don't. It is impossible. If there was absolutely no conflict
then this universe would no longer exist as we know it. The universe is
dependent upon conflict -- it requires it -- on every level from the sub-atomic
to the social or psychological to the forces that maintain balance in each
galaxy and beyond."
This has made me taught, do we need conflict in our life, and in our world, to exist? How may of us have said that if we could have one thing in the world is peace everywhere?
On second thought, even if it would be great, i don't think that every person on earth could get along! 6 billions of humans working hands in hands? Not gonna happen!
And if there would not be war, or other conflict, some people would find themselve useless! I think that some of us will loose their energy and passion because they would be no reason of fighting for anything....
What do you think about that quotation? Feedback, please!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday thirteen # 62

Thirteen Things about Jill
13 tattoo that I like(I'm still thinking about doing another one, but still searching for the right one!)

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Alive - edwin

So I've been searching for this song for awhile, and other songs from his album, and they are quite impossible to find! I've finaly found this one, but cannot find the others But this one is still my favorite, like the melody and the lyrics!

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Off my ass!

I'm really bored lately! So what do you do when you are bored and don't know what to do? Today, I have found a way: exercicing! Taking care of you body is a great way to kill time. It is a good way to clear you mind. Add up some music, and you have some instant relatation for me. With music , I'm into my own world...nothing else seems to borther... Breathing, moving and the air... What else can I ask for...
Oh yes! Wait! A hot personnal trainer! Or a sexy buddy to train with! Damn would I be motivate then! If only for the eye candy it would be a reason to get me off my ass!
What work to get you off your ass and working out?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Finger Eleven - First time

The song is stuck in my head!

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Monday, May 12, 2008

One of those thought poping into my heead!

I have talk to some about the fact that I have sometime some random thing that poped into my mind...It is kind of something like the pop-up of Ally McBeal. Well, here is one...
So I'm driving back home in my car, last week, with the music on, as usaul when I'm alone...Then this idea come into my mind out of the blue:"Wouldn't it would be cool to do some strip sparring?"
For the one not familiar with the term sparring, it is the fighting(controlled) that we have in martial art.
Don't get me wrong, I have the most respect for my sport! I think it is the one I respect more, and I did pratice many through out my life... But when you have a tall guy in front of you, with large shoulders and that has a good smile(which I'm a sucker for), I just can't help it to have those kind of tought come into my mind, even if I'm trying to only thing about my moves!
It was him that I had in mind when that thought came into my mind! And wouldn't mind doing it with a couple of other men that were or are into my club...
Some of you are in to be my ginea pig?

Sunday, May 11, 2008


i wonder why I really want to go to this mechanic... And after all, I really need to change my tires!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't you hate it!

So you all know that I do some karate. So there is that guys at karate, that would once in every blue moon, give me hint that he is attracted to me. Like on Tuesday, I forgot my waterbottle in the gym(our dojo) and only realise it when I had done changing. So I went to check there, I couldn't found it. I had some high hells, and they do make some noise. So he hear me from the changing room(the men changing room has a entry, with no door, leading to the gym). He ask me if it was me taht had forget her bottle. I said yes. He went to get it and give it to me. As i was walking out, he said to me to "stop making some noise". I told him, joking, "do you have a problem with it?"He said to me:"No, with them and those jean is have a great ass."
And what is wrong with that you should ask? He has a girlfriend(I don't know if they married). He might not be the cutest guy, but he is super nice and I'm kind of attracted to him... And I hate it when he does that. He is in a freaking serious relationship! I hate when men does that kind of stuff! It does rub my ego in the good way, but then, I know he is not free, and I'm not confortable even considering that kind of thing!


Friday, May 09, 2008

Finger Eleven-I'll keep your memory vague

This is the song I have in my head at this moment, thank to my students!

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

The 4 things meme

Julia over at Mind over matters tagged me for this one.
4 Jobs I've Had:

1. Teaching/substitute teacher... What I am doing right now
2.Archeologist ...The best job I ever had! My boss was the coolest, the guy that worked with me and I were working great togheter. i was out all day, no stress, finding some cool stuff...
3. Camp Moniter/Animater ... It was great money, but exhausting
4. Babysitter ...As a lot of you did

4 Movies Watched Over and Over:
1. A knight's tales ... I watch this one like 20 times, at least, and I'm still considering to buy the dvd
2. Centerstage ... I have the dvd, i just love the movie
3. Romeo must die... I think I'm gonna watch again this afternoon, and I watch it a couple of time before
4. Ultraviollette...I bought the dvd last week, I just love the story and really like Mila Sovonich(I know I know, I wrote her last name wrong:P)

4 Places I Have Lived:

1.Here in New-Brunswick
2. Darmouth, NS ...For a job for about 3months. But i didn't like it, and miss my nieces a lot
3. Pointe-de-l'Église, NS ... For 4 and half years for university...Those were the days, even if there is not much to do there!
4. Bathurst, NB ...For a praticum

4 Places I Have Been:
1.Ottawa, Ontario ... I want to the Terry Fox Center and through a school trip
2. Montréal, Québec ... As part as the same school trip than for Ottawa, and a couple of times beside that one
3. Moncton, New-Brunswick ...Shopping, friends, clubs, zoo, Crystal Palace, the only thing I haven't visited there is Magic Mountain.
4. Fredericton, New-Brunswick ... A little bit of shopping and to see my provincial parlement

4 Favorite Things to Eat:
1. Chocolate
2. Licorish

4 Places I Would Rather Be:
1. In Moncton... Where most of my friends are, and where there is actually real club!
2. Somewhere warm and tropical...Did I mention I cannot wait for summer, and that I am a summer girl?
3. Paris...The Effeil Tower and the Louvre...That could give me a lot of inspiration for my other blog!
4. Rome ... For somebody with a history interest like me( I have a minor in history) this is the place par excellence.

4 Things I Look Forward To This year:
1. My cousin's wedding...Just another reason to see my family and relatives
2. Passing my brown belt...I would only be two belts aways from obtaining my black belt! Damn, time has pass quick!
3.Summer...enough with this weather!
4.Christmas...I always enjoye seeing the kid during the holiday season...And would be the first of my nephew!

tagging I will go, tagging I will go...

1. REH(I'M cheating I know he has already done it!)
4.? Somebody want to take those place?Even if you have already done it, you can!