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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A new attittude??

We went, my sister and I, out to our weekly breakfast to our local restaurant. There was me, my siter, and my sister's husband godaughter. We put our command through when one of the guy I do karate with(we use to share drive to karate with him) arrive and came to sit with us, since he was alone.

I was really surprise of him, he didn't talk dirty as usual. (Usualy, he doesn't talk dirty to us, he will talk about sex, stripper, women he finds attracttive, strippers...) He didn't make a comment of that kind.

The worst thing, is even if I know he has so little respect for women, I find him physicaly attractive. He has one of this ass... one that could keep me distracted when we were doing karate and that he was in front of him... He has large shoulder, starting to have great pec and arms...

Could being in the army change him, and finally gave him some respect of women?? Being in the army put him in a better shape anyway...

I know I shouldn't be attracted to him, because I don't like his attittude towards women, but damn he has an attractive body and still is cute.

I'm hitting my head agains the wall, but I'm ok!!


Monday, July 30, 2007

I flash the good!!

I didn't talk to you about what happen to me last Sunday(not yesterday, but the one before it!!). We went tubbing, a couple of my friends and I. The weather was great for it(everybody thought the same, we had to wait an half hour for the tube). So we finally got our tube, tie them together, and everyone of our gang was ready, so we went to enter in the river. I took a bottle of water, because the cooler was not going to be attach to our tubes. So I was about to sit down into my tube. As I sit down, my freaking bathing suit open when it was attach... I don't know how much people saw, but I quickly hold my top against my breast. Imagine me, holding my bathing suit top with one arm, and holding a bottle of water and my tube with the other hand and shouting to my sister : "Come and attach it!!!" And the more I said it, the more my sister laugh!! So my sister finally attach it, and it was the joke for the rest of the tubing trip.
I never was so proud of the fast reflex I built up during my life and karate. But what I don't understand, is that I went last year with the same bathing suit down some water slide, and it didn't even move!! I think it making it because it was full of people!!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 30

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 places I visited in New-Brunswick/ 13 endroits que j'ai visités au Nouveau-Brunswick

1. Ritchie's warf / Le quai Ritchie, Miramichi... A waterfront park with water gun, a big play zone for the kids, pinic table, entertainement zone,like 10 boutique and shop, all this in the look of a tall ship.../Un parc avec vue sur l'eau, de gros fusils à eau, une grande variété de jeux pour enfants, des tables de pinic, une zone pour les spectacles en plein air, 10 boutiques et resto, et tout ça dans un environnement qui ressemble à un navire...

2. French fort cove, Miramichi...Great pedestrian trail, with different level of difficulties, and partly with a water view/ De beaux sentiers pédestres, regroupant différents niveaux de difficulté avec une partie avec vu sur la rivière

3. Acadian historical village / Village historique acadien, Caraquet... A live musuem of the life of Acadain through the last 2/3 centuries. Actor, real anciant house, some live music and now even a hotel on site where you can sleep/ Un musée vivant de la vie des Acadiens à travers des 2/3 derniers siècles. Acteurs, de vraies maisons anciennes, de la musique et maintenant un hotel ou vous pouvez dormir

4. New-Brunswick aquarium/ L'aquarium du Nouveau-brunswick(anciennement l'aquarium et centre marin de Shippagan) , Shipaggan...A lot of little fishies, big and small, with a touch zone for kids, small or of heart/ Plein de petits poissons, grands et petits, avec une zone interactive pour les enfants, petit ou de coeur

5. Kouchibouguac Nationnal Park/ Parc Nationnal de Kouchibouguac... A beautiful beach, with some walking trail that show different style of natural habitat, swamp, salty marsh... There is more activities on site and even a camping ground/ Une très belle plage, avec des sentiers pédestres ou vous pourrez découvrir différents habitats naturels de la régions, les marais, les marais salés...Il y a plus d'activités au Parc, ainsi qu'un terrain de camping

6. Hopewell Rock... Bigest pot flower in the world, with the highest tide/ Les plus gros pots de fleurs au monde, avec les plus hautes marées

7. Fort Beauséjour, Aulac... An ancient french fort... Learn the story of its lost to the english hands/ Un ancien fort français... Apprennez son histoire et comment il a été perdu aux mains des anglais

8. Botannical garden of New-Brunswick/ Jardin botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick, Edmunston... For the plant and flower lovers... Great garden with a beautiful arrengement and great walking path/ Pour les amoureux de plantes et fleurs... un beau jardin, avec de beaux arrengementx floraux et un bons sentier

9. Pays de la Sagouine, Boutouche... Take a journey into the world of Antoinine Maillet and her famous characters... Live band, flagosse and all day sketch/ Entrez dans le monde d'Antoinine Maillet et ses personnages célèbres... Des orchestres maisons, la flagosse et des sketchs toute la journée

10. Musée de Kent, Boutouche... An ancient couvent that is supposely hauted... One of my friend work there and told me that door seems to shut without an excuse/ Un ancien couvert, qui est supposément hanté... Une de mes amies y travaillait et m'a dit que les portes se fermaient sans aucune raison valable

11. Parlee Beach/Plage Parlee, Shediac ...One of the most beautiful beach that we have here.../Une des plus belles plages que nous avons

12. Écodune de Boutouche, Boutouche... A great walking path that is really unknown... It follows the dune, has a beach(never had the chance to test the beach myself)/ Un bon sentier pédestre qui est peu connu... Il suit les dunes, a une plage(je n'ai jamais eu la chance de m'y baigner)

13.Acadian museum/Musée Acadien, Université de Moncton, Moncton...Learn the history of the Acadian through archives, painting and artefacts.../ Découvrez l'histoire de l'Acadie à travers les archives, les peintures et les artéfacts...

So here are the place I visited in my beautiful province...Next week, I'll try to post the one I want to visit!!/ Voici les endroits que j'ai visité dans ma belle province... La semaine prochaine, j'essaierai de faire la liste des endroits que je veux visiter!!
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 29

Thirteen Things about Jill
13 songs that I've listen through university/13 chansons que j'ai écoutées pendant l'université

Ok, I've first seeing this idea at ancsweetnsassygal . I've decide to steal her idea since it was really great!! So here I've put two lines from 13 songs. Now, it's your turn to try guess from each song that they come from!! Good luck and have fun! / Ok, J'ai premièrement vu cette idée au site d'ancsweetnsassygal. J'ai décidé de lui voler son idée puisqu'elle était simplement trop bonne!! J'ai placé deux lines de 13 chansons. Maintenant, c'est à votre tour d'essayer de deviner de quelle chanson chaque provienne!! Bonne chance et amusez-vous!!

1.And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand

2.Cause I, I never been the type to, break up a happy home
But uh, there's somethin bout baby girl I just can't leave alone

3.there's nothing else to lose
there's nothing else to find

4.One thing / I don’t know why
It doesn’t even matter how hard you try

5.If we had this night together
If we had a moment to ourselves

6.I look at my daughterand I believe
I don't need no proofwhen it comes to god and truth

7.A hundred days have made me older
Since the last time that I saw your pretty face

8.What would you do
To get to me
What would you say
To have your way

9.All my life I've been waiting
For you to bring a fairy tale my way

10. Sometimes people get me wrong,
Was it something I've said or done

11.Ladies leave your man at home
The club is full of ballas and they pockets full grown

12. I can't stand to fly
I'm not that naive

13.It's telling me you're better off alone
But after midnight, morning will come

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Somebody wants to give me a massage??

So yesterday was our second summer karate pratice. Our instructor always wants us to push a little bit more during this period. He makes us do some new strech and warm up exercices, and a new sequel of movement. One of the move makes us block farther than usual, so it ask for a little bit more strech. Half way through the serie, i felt a cramp, I said to myself it will go away, and when I ended the serie, it still was cramp. I thought it would get better after I slept( I do believe that mostly every little pain and aches would dispeare after a good night of sleep)
But tonite, I still can feel the pain in the back of my leg, going from my butt to the back of my knee. I not some big pain, but still don't feel comfortable, and it's annoying to walk!!
So I'm asking for your help, fear blogger friends! Who wants to give me a massage to try get rid of this pain??

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Like last summer, we are going to a guy place for karate. And he has a 30 years old son. His son is single, and G.(the father, that does karate with me) has been given me hint to the fact that his son is single! like two week ago, G said that his son was always in his room.It's so funny... My mom say like the same thing about me. I'm alway in my room... Jill why don't you have a boyfriendIt's funny that parents seem to be pretty alike no matter if you are a boy or a girl... So dad and mom, if you son or daughter is more than 20 years olds, and don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, don't you worry. If they are like me they prefer to be alone than being wrongfully accompaned. Give us a break...

Monday, July 16, 2007

I worth 6 050 900 Euros/ Je vaux 6 050 900 Euros

Je vaux 6 050 900 € sur, et vous ?

Je ne savais pas que le fait que je portais des lunnettes et que je vis en campagne ferait descendre ma valeur.



I just finish reading the book "Eva" by Lucie Pagé.
Summary: This book is about the life of Eva and the persons that surounds her. Eva lives in the 1960's South Africa. She is white, the daughter of a white control propaganda chief. But she secretly loves Vavi Mvini, antiapartheid leader, and a black man. Vavi is arrested when both of them seal a significant wedding. He would die after that arrest... Eva promise to herself to find who kill her lover. Will she find Vavi's killer, surounded by Jabu, Baba, Jan, Kitty and Derek?
A story about the inhabitants of South Africa and how they lives the events that brought the freedom to their country and egality for all. An epic story about a family torn between their ideal and moral...freedom and and hate...
Critic: In this book, where evolve a love story with a background of politic changes, I couldn't stop myself from wondering what would happen to our hero and her compagnons. Eva is a charismatic woman with a strong mind. An accomplish violonist, she is a strong woman. I really like. The emotional combat that Eva lives through out the book is incredibale. And this book as really inform me on the conflit that has severe in South Africa during the last century. I did hear about Mandela before, but this book talks about the events that brought him to power and to win his Peace Nobel Prize.
The only thing that chock me with this book, is that it made me realise human stupidity. How many time does men have to belittle, or kill, torture, another humain in the name of what they think to be superiosity. In majority of the time, it was white men. While reading this book, I was ashamed of being caucasian. The nazis, the slaves trade, the Klu Klux Klan and now the Afrikaners. What white men have done because they thought they were superior than men with another skin color is hideous. I was ashamed of being white. Nobody should have to feel that. We have to be proud of who we are... No mather the colour of our skin, our origins, our nationality, our social class, we should be proud!!
So a big congratulation to Lucie Pagé for this great book, that made me pass from rage, to tears and made me wonder about stuff!!

Je viens juste de terminer le livre "Eva" de Lucie Pagé.
Résumé: Ce livre relate la vie d'Eva et des personnes qui l'entourent. Eva habite l'Afrique du Sud des années 1960. Elle est blanche, fille d'un chef de la propagande du régie blanc. Mais elle aime secrètement Vavi Mvini, leader antiapartheid, et noir. Vavi est arrêté lorsque les deux scellent un mariage significatif. Il moura à la suite de cette arestation...Eva se promet de trouver celui qui a tué son amour. Trouvera-t-elle le meurtrier de Vavi, entourée de Jabu, Baba, Jan, Kitty et Derek?
Une histoire relatant comment les habitants de l'Afrique du Sud ont vécu les évenements qui ont apporté la libération de ce pays et l'égalité pour tous. Épopée d'une famille déchirée entre idéal et moral... la liberté et le secret...l'amour et la haine...
Critique:Dans ce livre ou évolue une histoire d'amour avec fond de changement politique, je ne pouvais m'empêcher de me demander ce qui allait arrivé à notre héroïne et à ses fidèles compagnons. Eva est une femme qui est charismatique et qui a une grande force d'esprit. Violoniste accomplie, ceci fait d'elle, encore plus, une femme forte. J'ai beaucoup aimé. Le combat émotionnel qu'Eva vit tout au long du livre est incroyable. De plus, ce livre m'a beaucoup renseigné sur le conflit qui c'est passé au siècle dernier en Afrique du Sud. J'avais entendu parler de Mandela avant, mais ce livre m'a fait les évènements qui l'ont aporté au pouvoir et à obtenir son prix Nobel de la paix.
La seule chose qui me choque, c'est que ce livre me fait réaliser la stupidité humaine. Combien de fois est-ce que les hommes vont rabaiser, ou tuer, torturer, un autre humain au nom de ce qui croit être de la superiosité. De plus, la majorité du temps, se sont des hommes blancs. En lisant ce livre, j'avais honte d'être causasianne. Les nazis, la traite des esclaves, le Klu Klux Klan et maintenant les Afrikaners. Ce que les hommes blancs ont fait parce qu'ils se croiaient supérieurs aux hommes ayant une autre couleur de peau est hideux. J'ai honte d'être blanche. Personne ne devrait avoir à sentir ce sentiment. Il faut être fière de qui on est... Peu importe la couleur de sa peau, de ses origines, de sa nationalité, de sa religion, de sa classe sociale, on devrait en être fier!!
Donc un gros bravo à Lucie Pagé pour ce bon livre, qui m'a fait passé de la rage aux pleurs et qui m'a fait réflichir!!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm a simple girl/Je suis une fille simple

I really like this weekend. But I didn't do nothing amazing, party 'til I drop, or did something out of this world. But this weekend makes me realise I'm a simple girl. On Saturday, I want to eat breakfast with my mom at our local restaurant. It is very rare that we only go the 2 of us!! Then, I try putting my tent up for the first time. It's always funny when you do it for the first time... This was no exception!! What does each pole do and where does it goes!! A big big puzzle! Then we went to the restaurant(I know, again!!). We ate on the terasse, the weather was beautiful and I had a great view on the river. Then , we had a bondfire home. We slept in the tent. On Sunday, I had breakfast at the restaurant(I know, I tend to eat to much there during the weekend!!) . We were outside all afternoon. The kids were trying to spray us with the garden hose. Then we had to go through the sprinkler with them. We went walking in the wood. It was great...
i was happy with those simple thing... I think that makes me a simple girl


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Panties alert!!

For you all, out there, here is a big fashion advice...
When you are wearing white pants, be careful of which underwear you are wearing...
Today, there was a woman at the restaurant that was wearing some white capri... And those capri were that like nylon material, so they were not that thick. I'm telling the world that that woman was wearing boycut blue-and-white stripes panties!! She was doing a major fashion faux pas...(And the woman has children my age)
So when wearing white pants, please be careful on with panties you put on. Wear white ones or something near the colour of your skin. Be careful with the white one. I know that with my white capri, white underwear still show. So I know now, that I need to wear tan panties, because they are close to my skin tone. And it goes for you too, men.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 28

Thirteen Things about Jill
13 gay celebrities men that I find handsome/ 13 hommes homosexuels célèbres que je trouve beaux

1. Sir Ian McKellen ... cuz until today, I didn't know he was gay. And I have to admit that the man still looks good for his age!!

2.Rupert Everett , i think he one of the only actor that is as attractive for men than women!!

3.T.R. Knight , something sweet in him!!

4.Neil Patrick Harris... known for his TV roles on "Doogie Howser, M.D." in the early 1990s and "How I Met Your Mother" now . It,s funny that he plays the most macho guy on How I met..., his character is so funny

5.Marcellas Reynolds , I just like in during Big brother!! I was so proud to see him in the all star edition

6. Jay Manuel I didn't know that he was Canadian born!! Somebody in his 30's that can wear his hair gray is just very confident!!

7.Wentworth Miller... Ok, it's not official that he is gay, but he supposely in a relation with another actor for 6 month... And he is just handsome... Hope it's just rumors!! :'(

8. Perez Hilton...Ok, I don't find him attractive, but he is giving us some of the hottest celebrities gossip...

9.J.P. Calderon ... just saw him through my long search to find 13 gay men that were attractive... And I'm wondering why I don't watch Survivor now!!

10.Reichen Lehmkuhl, from Amazing Race...

11. Chad Allen...Who did he play in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?

12.Luke McFarlane... I found him, and his supposed to be boyfriend( wentworth), just handsome

13.Who is yours??(I'm having an hard time finishing this... You'll have to help me!! I thought there was more gay celevrities out there!!)
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Monday, July 09, 2007

What it is to be une fille par Jill!!!

After an entry from Haley, I thought of something!! Feminity, being a girl, what is it for me? Some persons will say that is to wear dresses and pink !! not for me!!
For the pink, I just started to wear some and like it in university. Before that moment, I hate with a passion that color! then, I found a baby pink t-shirt, and from that on, I started to like that color better. I'm wearing almost all pink at this moment.
About dresses, I have always wear some, but sometime I shouldn't, or I shouldn't have done some things with it! I remember, I was about 6 or 7 years old, and i was wearing a dress. I was on the spider(the kind of monkey bar but with like four legs). I was on the spider with a dress. It's at that moment that a girl said to me I shouldn't be there with a dress. I didn't like that girl from that moment. Now, I do wear often some dress during the summer.
Some other persons will say that girls like or prefer, romantic movies, of girls movies. Even if I enjoye watching those sometime, there is nothing better that an action movie, or better, a horror movie!! I also like the Fast and Furious serie. Great car, speed, sound of motors and the action have made me a fan!!
For the sport, I was never afraid of contact and competition in them. When I was in elementary school, I had to play with the boys, because of an uneven number. When I arrived in middle school, I had to start playing back with girls. that is when a girl said to me I was playing too rough. We were playing street hockey! It's not a sport to be gentle in!!
About make-up, I almost never wear some. I wore some during my prom and some family wedding, and during Hallowe'en!I don't see the point of wearing some to make myself pretty for a guy, and the day after, he doesn't have the same girl in front of him!!
So girls, don't try to fit into a mold, into something already define for what a girl should be. Be yourself, a whole individual, unique, and be a girl. I'm consider myself to be a beautiful woman, even if I am far from what a woman is suppose to be, what a perfect woman is!! and I want to be admirer for my intelligence, not only for my beauty.
I hope you understood my message, no matter if you are a woman or a man....

Après une entrée d'Haley, j'ai pensé à quelque chose!! La féminité, être une fille, c'était quoi pour moi?? Certaines personnes diront que c'est porter des jupes et du rose!! Pas pour moi!!
Pour ce qui a attrait au rose, j'ai juste commencé à l'aimer lorsque j'étais à l'université. Avant ce moment, je haisais avec une passion cette couleur. J'ai trouvé un chandail d'un rose poudre, et à partir de ce moment, j'ai commencé à mieux aimer et à en porter!! Pour dire, en ce moment, je suis presqu'entièrement vêtue de rose!!
Pour les jupes, j'en ai toujours portées, mais des fois je n'aurais pas du, ou pas du faire certaines choses avec. Je me rapelle, j'avais environ comme 6-7 ans, et je portais une robe. Comme pendant la majorité de mes récréations, je suis allée sur l'araignée. Sur l'araignée avec une robe. C'est là qu'une fille m'a dit que je ne devrais pas être sur cela avec une jupe. Je n'ai pas pu aimé cette fille à partir de ce moment. Maintenant, je porte des jupes régulièrement pendant l'été.
D'autres personnes diront que les filles regardent, ou préfèrent, les films romantiques, des films de filles. Malgré le fait que j'aime regarder de temps à autre un comédie romantique, rien ne bat un bon film d,action, ou bien meilleur film d'horreur!! De plus j'adore la série de Fast and Furious(Rapides et dangereux). Les belles autos, la vitesse, les bruits de moteurs et l'action qui s'y trouvent ont fait de moi une fan!!
Pour les sports, je n'ai jamais été une de ses filles à avoir peur de la compétition et du contact. Lorsque j'étais à l'école élémentaire, j'avais du joué une pleine année avec les garçons, faute de nombre impair. Lorsque je suis arrivée à l'autre école, et devais revenir jouer avec les filles, je me rappelerai toujours une des filles me disans que je jouais trop rudement. On jouait à hockey boule. C'est pas un sport ou être douce.
Pour le maquillage, j'en porte presque jamais. J'en ai porté à mon bal et aux mariages des membres de ma famille, et à l'halloween!! Je ne vois pas le point de me faire belle pour un gars, et que le lendemain matin, il n'ait pas la même fille devant lui.
Donc, les filles, ne vous laisez pas avoir sur les préjugés, les moules déjà définis que l'on a pour les filles. Vous pouvez être vous même, être un individu plein, unique et être une fille. Je me considère comme une belle femme, mais je suis loin d'entrer dans le moule que l'on définie comme celui d'une fille par excellence!! De plus, je veux être admiré pour mon intelligence et non seulement ma beauté.
J'espère que vous avez compris le message, que vous soyez un homme ou une femme...


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Family Guy

So the only cartoon I could watch over and over again in english is the Family guy!! Hello, are we talking about a disfunctionnal family!! But they still have something that makes them believebale. So tonite, thought about Stewie getting all into tanning!! A lemon headed toasted baby!!! And the worst is that he gets a tanning bed , and say to the dog that he have to wake him up like in a half hour!! The dog falls asleep and only wakes up like 6 and half hour after!! So now, we have a red lemon lobster! After a couple of day, Stewie started to peel like a snake!!
I feel so much like him sometime(without the sun bed and the out in the sun for 6 hours!!). I do have pale skin, and it's a pain if I forget to wear sunscreen!!
So , no matter your complexion, don't forget to put sunscreen on yourself to keep save from to harmfull rays! So enjoye your summer!!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 27

Thirteen Things about Jill
So this week , it's the 100th Edition of Thursday Thirteen!! To make it a special edition, we were ask to do our 13 favorites TT. So here mine, and sorry for the delay, it's not easy deciding which to choose!!

1.Haley-O and her last week TT!! You had to classified who you marry, date, push off a cliff!! Usualy, her TT are about celibreties!! And it's always funny!!!

2.The meet and greet TT edition!! I don't know about you, but I had a blast!! There was some competition in the air, but I visited a lot of great TT and blogger!!

Susan , I meet Susan during the meet and greet TT edition!! Now, for each TT we post, we have a friendly competition to who will visit the other one blog first!! We are sure to visit each other, and I find it a lot of fun!!

My TT # 25, why do girls rule

My TT # 15 , how I do remember my friends

My TT # 14, awarness about cystic fibrosis , since my oldest niece has it, I want to inform everyone about it!! And in case some of you didn't had the chance to see it the first time, please go see it!!

My TT # 12, things I miss about university

My TT # 11, hot men according to Jill!!

Laurence , she is one of the only other Thirteener that has french as a first language, and she got lots of french expressions, show and others stuff on her TT

ancsweetnsassygal , last week edition!! She had 80's songs' lyrics, and I couldn't guess one, and only know like 3!! That is really a challenge!!

She , It's been awhile since I visited her page, but she comes from the same province as me, and she will exercice for comments. I really admire your determination She!!

Shanni , She is one of the girl that will exercice for comments!! And I guess it does work, because she has reach her healty weight!! Congrats Shanni!!

Sunflower , She is still one of the women I used to visit every TT because she is part of "I will exercice for comments" . I only remember to visit them on thursday, and didn't visit them in like 2 month, but today, I'm saying my admiration for their will-power!!

I'm not done, but at least, you'll have something to see...
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I cannot believe it!!! Nobody got eliminated on Canada Next Top Model. It never, ever, happen on AMNT!! they couldn't decide between Tia and Tara!! Hello, judges!!! Tara needs to get home since like 3 weeks(I personnaly don't like that girl!!) But it was about time that something really exciting during CNTM!!
And guess what else exciting happen tonight on the show??? My handsome Nigel Barker was the celevraty photograph!!! I know I said it before, but damn that man is gorgeous!! (I do even ryme!!) I know is not the shyest person on earth, but tonite, he seems like out there funny!!! I think I should add that on my gift list for my birthday!!
It,s the best episode!!
I did love the ad choice too!!!
And I cannot believe that everyone arrive in time from the go-see!! Do we have watch here and not in the states??

Je ne peux pas le croire!!! Personne n'a été éliminé de Canada Next Top Model. C'est jamais arrivé, jamais jamais, sur AMNT!! Les juges ne pouvaient décider de qui, entre Tia et Tara, qui allait être éliminée!!Réveillez-vous les juges!! Tara devrait être partie depuis comme 3 semaines!!(Personnellement, je n'aime pas cette fille!!) Mais c'était temps que quelque chose d'interressant se passait sur CNTM!!
Et devinez quoi d'autre d'interressant s'est passé pendant l'épisode de ce soir?? Mon beau Nigel Barker était le photographe invité!! Je sais que je l'ai déjà dit, mais cet homme est juste beau!! Je sais aussi qu'il n'est pas le gars le plus gêné, mais ce soir, il était plus drôle qu'habituel!! Je pense que je vais devoir l'ajouter à ma liste de cadeaux!!
C'est le meilleur épisode jusqu'à maintenant!!
J'ai bien aimé aussi le choix d'annonce publicitaire!!
Et je ne peux pas le croire!!! Tout le monde est arrivé à l'heure du go-see!! Est-ce que l'on a des montres ici et pas aux États??


Monday, July 02, 2007

The weather alert!!

Ok, I usually don't talk about weather!! But lately(and since I love summer, sunny with temperature over 22 summer) weather down here at my place has been a pain in the ass. We had sunshine everyday. Some of you would say that I shouldn't complain. But the fact is that is been raining every single day during the last 3 weeks!! We have like an half hour of sun, but rain the rest of the day. Or the rain is falling like crazy, and 5 minutes later it's sunny, and another 5 minutes later, it's raining again!! And the temperature has almost not been higher than 25oC. I want to enjoye my summer, go to the beach, suntanned, go camping, do some exercie outside... Hope it would get better from now on!!
And there is some place that should be very dry, since it's us that are getting all the rain!!