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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've nerver have a slip-and-slide when I was a child. Never when to a friend that had one out. So my sister bought one for her daughters.
So on Saturday, they took it out. I've ask the kid if they wanted me to go play with them! They said yes. I've wait my turn(Got to show the example after all), and I did go for my first time. I have to mention that it was slitly downhill.
I've start to run and when i did arrive at the end, where there is a kind of reservoir, I didn't really stop(it said children age between 3 and 12 after all on it). I was lucky, I only scratch a little bit my side. It is good, because there is no mark right now.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I might be doom to being single! Why you may ask? Well, I tend to fall for men that are taking lately.
And the fact that my niece said that she didn't wanted me to have a boyfriend. I can have baby, but no BF!
Don't have much more time to write something, this is a 15 minutes before I go to bed!I'm tired and don't have energy left to write more!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No silence time!

My sister is up for the week. She someone that when something borther, she will scream, not only express her opinion! So I will not get to much peace with her.
Than, in two weeks, we gonna have some relatives(maybe up to 10 persons) that are going to sleep here, or camp on our lawn.
I'm not really use not being just my dad, my mom and me.
It is gonna be hard hectic, with not me time for the next three weeks. Wish I could just relax and enjoye a book right now!
I'm tired, so I'm off to bed!

Friday, July 18, 2008

One year later

So an year ago, when I realise that the scale just have shown 180 it was an eyeopener for me. I'm only 5foot 3. There is heart and diabetes problem in my family. 180 pounds was way too much for me.
So my cousin talk to me about a site, that was free. I say to myself why not try it since it's her dieticians that propose the site.
Last year

So I've drop 20 pounds and lost about 4 inches. I've done so by eating healthier and working out. It might not be much for some, but the only time I've gain some weight back was during the Holidays, and it was only like 3 pounds. They have a lot of recipes too that are making it easier to follow with the healhy eating.
So for me, sparkpeople is not a dieting site, but an healty living one. I hope that i would be able to keep it up through my life and that I could help the people surrounding me do as so too. I still have an extra 20 pounds to loose to be to my healthy weight according to the site.
(and if you are intersted to join, let me know, because it gives me extra point!)


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tursday Thirteen # 66

Thirteen Things about Jill
13 bathing suits I like. I do like bathing suit a lot, even if I only go to the beach for like a maximum of 3 times a summer now, but I could by one like each month of the summer if I didn't control myself!

These next come from Victoria Secret

1. This one is one of those that let you tan through the fabric! You better put some lotion before putting it!

10.This one is beautiful, but the price is ridiculous! It comes from the site as for the next two. 11. 12.
13. I will find a last one
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Monday, July 14, 2008


A quarter of a century felt better than this! My parents weren't here this morning, so I could sleep a whole 11 hours! That is a good gift! I felt all stiff waking up. I think it is because I sleep with my arms under my head, and being in that position for eleven straigh hours migh cause some soarness.
Today doesn't fell like I'm turning 26. It might be because I've been eating some cake since friday! And did go out on Saturday, even if there was nobody at the club we went, and that we left at 12:15 to go to a pub!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


So yesterday, I went to a new restaurant with a couple of my friends. Since we don't get together often(we live two hours drive apart), we try to choose a new place each time. So I was going through the menu and saw a couple of interesting dish. There was a wrap and an bufallo burger. I've said to another friend that I would like to try some. I 've said to myself Why not trying it today?
SO the waitress was Is it your first time eating bufallo? It is leaner than beef, cooking it well-done might make it dry. I still say well-done, because of the thought of having bloody meat disgust me, and I like lean meat, so it didn't matter to me.
It is good. There is not that grease taste that stick to your mouth like after eating some other kind of meat. Now I would like to try some steak, so I could really see the difference(it was bbq on my burger, so couldn't taste it fully).


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Before the Big Brother 10 season starts!

I've just checked out the participant of Big Brother 10. There is not much guys this season! But they are pretty boys! Exept the 75 years old one! That is pretty old to get in this kind of competition!
And I feel like the twist , this season, might be a financial one! Half of the competiters are from somekind of financial background!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't you hate it!

This morning, I wanted to have an english muffin for diner. So I was about to check the bag I just bought on monday. Every single one of them has gone bad. They were green all over, aND OF THE look of them, might be for a day or two(sorry if you are eating at the moment!) I had one left from an older bag, but that one was bad too.
And I was wanting that english muffin after I ate breakfast. And I knew that wathever I would have eat, I would still be wanting that english muffin and won't be as satisfy as if I had it.
Don't you hate it when this happen?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tursday Thirteen # 65

Thirteen Things about Jill
13 beach I've seen

1. Mavillette, NS

2. Church-Point, NS

3. L'Île-au-foin, Néguac, NB

4. Middle Island, Miramichi, NB

5. L'Île de Caraquet, Caraquet, NB

6. Les dunes de Boutouche, Boutouche, NB

7. Kelly's beach, Kouchibouguac Parck, NB

8. Factorie à Bastien, Tracadie Beach, NB

9. Val-Comeau, NB

10. Parlee Beach, Shediac, NB

11. Hopewell Rock, Hopewell, NB

12. Miscou, NB

13.Sunny Corner, NB...It is not really a beach, because it's a river, but I was short of one!

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Answer please!

I never understood why some of you, men, flirt with other women, when you are in a relationship? you say you are in love with the woman, but will say to another that she is beautiful or that you enjoye her body.
Some of you will even go as far as saying that you will be interested into something else than just a friendship with that woman that is not your girlfriend or wive?
And lady, why do they do it? Or if you do the same thing with men, why?


Tuesday, July 08, 2008


SO yesterday, I went to rent a movie and I saw at the store than there was a blood bank where you could make blood donation from 5 to 8 the same day just around my place. It was 6. I've always wanted to give blood, but there is not much place that takes some around here and they are not done frequently! So everything went well, I could give my blood, but when I was about to get off the bed, I felt dizzy. They say it happen often, for first time giver, due to the stress of the unknown. And they ask me if I ate well that day(yesterday), and I didn't had supper(even if I had breakfast and dinner), that probably didn't help the dizzyness.
I'm gonna try it once more. Since the team there is great, I know what I have to do the next time I would give some back: drink a lot of fluid, have big meals before the donation, and try to eat an hour before the actual donation.
I will see what happen next time I give, because it is something that I find important and that not a whole lot of people do, and that most of us will actually need blood someday. Hope everything goes alright next time I will give some.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lasenza strikes back

Since a girl can never have too much lingerie, and that I love lingerie, here is some of the stuff from my favorite store...What i hate, when I go to the site, is that we don't have all that there is on the site in there! And I want to try it.

I don't know who said it, to prove that I love lingerie, is that someone in my family said that my future boyfriend gonna be happy about that fact!

this one impress me! That could make me wear some serious cleavage, even if the bra itself is not that pretty!

This could be the perfect bra for every summer top! And is more sexy than the one above!

This is another intersting shape bra! it would probably look great with a square front top!

LaSenza has the greatest sport bra! There sexy and I think they have the best support!

And I do like too, their DReamLeg series! It seems to be great stocking!


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tursday Thirteen # 64

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 books i want to read this summer!

1. Eragon by Christopher Paolini... do you know he was only 15 when he start writting it?

2. Dead Again by Lisa Andel

3. Demon hunting by Lisa Andel

4. Cette chanson que je n'oublierai jamais(I heard that son before) by Mary Higgins Clarks...which I'm reading now

5. La famille De Beers -Willow(The DeBeers family-Willow) by Virginia C. Andrews... which I'm done reading on Monday

6 and 7. Amos Daragon vol.1 and 2

8. Mes amis, mes amours by Marc Lévy...sorry, don't have the traslation, because french is the language in which Marc Lévy write. He is the writter of Just like heaven in which Reese Whiterspoon act in.

9. La reine liberté- L'empire des ténèbres by Christian Jacq...Same as above for language. If you like Egyptian history, this author does a good job in putting it in a novel. I read the whole serie about the Valley of the Kings artisans and adore it!

10. The ladies'lending Library by Janice Kulyk Keefer...I won this novel through Susan contest last summer

11. The line painter by Claire Cameron...Same as above

12.Helpless by Barbara Gowdy...same as above

13. Bollywood confidential by Sonia Singh

I don't know if i would be able to read them all, but I will try my best!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Why does this happen?

So I don't remember if I talk to you about one of the guy that does karate with me that is a little bit younger than me. K has a really great smile, and i find him attractive! We've been vaguely flirting during classes, but nothing way obvious, because we are always surrounded by other persons.
So, a day last week, I was on my Facebook account, and he was on-line too. So i start teasing him, because he wasn't there for the last classes of this year, asking him if he was hidding. We talk a couple of minutes, when he ask me if I like partying, because him and a couple of friends when to a local dance club. And did i wanted to go with them. i wanted to go because it is my favorite club, and K seems to be my kind of guy. But they were going out on Saturday, and it was my nephew baptism on that day, so I told him no, and the reason.
And to make it worst? We only go out for supper after the ceremony! I knew it on Thursday or Friday that we wouldn't do much, but I was not able to reach him...
I hate it when this kind of stuff happen! I'm starting to think that I have the worst of luck with guy lately!